What is Provisioned iops in AWS? Detailed Explanation

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Provisioned IOPS, also known as Provisioned Input/Output Operations Per Second, is a significant feature offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), designed to enhance the storage performance of Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes. It allows users to specify the desired amount of IOPS provisioned for their EBS volumes, ensuring consistent and predictable performance.

Provisioned IOPS can be especially beneficial for applications that rely heavily on database transactions, such as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems. These types of applications demand low latency and high throughput, and with Provisioned IOPS, users can achieve just that. By allocating a specific number of IOPS to an EBS volume, users can guarantee a consistent level of performance, even during periods of high demand or intense workloads.

When using Provisioned IOPS, users no longer need to worry about performance fluctuations or contention issues that may arise when using standard EBS volumes. This is because Provisioned IOPS separates the I/O workload from other EBS customers, ensuring that each user's performance is isolated and predictable. It simply means that users have complete control over their storage performance and can optimize it according to their application's needs.

To get started with Provisioned IOPS, users need to specify the desired size and the IOPS required for the EBS volume. AWS then provisions the necessary resources to meet the specified IOPS rate. It's essential to note that the cost of Provisioned IOPS can be higher compared to standard EBS volumes, as users are essentially paying for the guaranteed performance and dedicated resources.

Overall, Provisioned IOPS in AWS offers users the flexibility and predictability they need to run performance-critical applications effectively. By providing a dedicated I/O capacity, users can ensure their applications have consistent and reliable access to storage resources without any performance degradation. Whether it's a high-transaction database or any workload that demands low-latency storage, Provisioned IOPS is a valuable feature that can significantly enhance the storage performance in an AWS environment.

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