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Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Best-rated DAST Solution

Our top-rated Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution ensures comprehensive security for your applications, even without access to their source code. Leverage the power of DAST to identify vulnerabilities while your applications are in action, enhancing your security posture effortlessly.

Best-rated DAST Solution

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Next-Gen DAST: Discover Threats Before They Strike

CloudDefense.AI’s DAST solution conducts black-box application testing, allowing you to assess running applications for vulnerabilities without requiring access to the source code. Detect and address weaknesses before attackers can exploit them.

Early Bug Detection | DAST

Early Bug Detection

Proactively identify vulnerabilities in your code during the development process to ensure projects stay on track, delivering secure and timely software solutions

Issue Prioritization

Issue Prioritization

Streamline issue identification and prioritize high-risk concerns. Empower your developers to make informed decisions, backed by transparent audit logs.

Accelerated Bug Fixes

Accelerated Bug Fixes

Swiftly resolve security vulnerabilities before they reach production, keeping pace with rapid software delivery. Test and refine changes locally for confident PR updates.

Our Comprehensive Approach to DAST

Identify vulnerabilities in real-time while your applications are in action. Our DAST Solution safeguards apps without source code access, pinpointing vulnerabilities in real-time.

Security Automation

Security Automation

Our DAST feature empowers your team to seamlessly infuse security throughout your SDLC, automate tasks, and target critical vulnerabilities, saving valuable time for your teams.

Streamlined SDLC Security

Embed security testing automation at every SDLC stage, keeping pace with evolving security challenges.

Efficient Automation

Automate security tasks to reduce workload, freeing up valuable time for your team.

Prioritize Critical Vulnerabilities

Identify and focus on the vulnerabilities that truly matter, ensuring efficient remediation.

Team Collaboration

Empower both security and development teams, whether you follow AppSec, DevOps, or DevSecOps practices.

Comprehensive App Security Insights

Gain complete visibility into vulnerabilities, locate forgotten web assets, and access unique scanning capabilities for comprehensive protection and effortless remediation tracking.

Complete Security Visibility

Achieve holistic app security by uncovering vulnerabilities, ensuring thorough risk reduction, and validating your commitment to safeguarding your company's digital assets.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Easily manage vulnerabilities with categorization into critical, high, medium, and low severity levels for efficient risk mitigation.

CWE Number Identification

Gain in-depth insights into vulnerabilities through Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) numbering, enhancing your understanding of security issues and their remediation.

Comprehensive App Security Insights
Uncover Hidden Vulnerabilities with Precision

Uncover Hidden Vulnerabilities with Precision

Our advanced DAST solution empowers you to secure your applications against runtime vulnerabilities, ensuring your apps remain secure across diverse environments and programming languages.

Runtime Vulnerability Detection

Our DAST scanners actively identify both compile-time and runtime issues within your web applications, offering real-time protection against evolving threats.

Integration and Insights

View dynamic scans alongside other security tests on our platform, providing multifaceted insights to enhance your web application security posture.

Comprehensive Scanning

Employ our dynamic and interactive DAST scanning approach to detect vulnerabilities in corners often overlooked by other tools, ensuring robust protection.

Language & Framework Compatibility

Safeguard your code against vulnerabilities, seamlessly integrate with popular languages and frameworks, and receive instant alerts on newly disclosed threats.

Language & Framework Agnostic

CloudDefense.AI DAST supports popular languages and frameworks, ensuring comprehensive vulnerability detection for your diverse application stack.

Seamless CI Integration

Easily integrate DAST into your Continuous Integration system for continuous protection, catching vulnerabilities early in your development pipeline.

Vulnerability Alerts

Stay informed with instant scans about newly disclosed vulnerabilities affecting your project's dependencies.

Language & Framework Compatibility

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