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Application Security

The Ultimate DevSecOps Solution

Transform your app development journey with our all-in-one DevSecOps solution. Experience our cutting-edge, real-time code security, and production-level vulnerability defense and redefine your app development workflow!

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Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud

Automatic Remediation

Minimize Risk, Maximize Results: Boost App Security with Our DevSecOps Solutions

Take app security to new heights, while supercharging your productivity. Seamlessly identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure

Complete your DevSecOps Coverage 1

Complete your DevSecOps Coverage

One platform and tool to complete your DevSecOps posture in minutes. Find & patch vulnerabilities in all layers of your application stack

Develop Fast Stay Secure 1

Develop Fast + Stay Secure

Secure any application stack with a single dev friendly platform. we supports continuous application security at each step of your CI/CD.

Best in class Vulnerability Database 1

Best-in-class Vulnerability Database

Our proprietary dataset is powered by multiple private and public databases. It updates twice a day to ensure you have the more latest & recent updates .

One Click Remediation 1

One-Click Remediation in Minutes

Easier compliance, more developer time saved and 1-click reporting with developer friendly remediation steps built in.

Securing Modern Apps, Every Step of the Way!

Our platform integrates a comprehensive suite of application security solutions, ensuring the security of every stage in modern application development while accelerating your application’s time-to-market.

Here’s a breakdown of our  application security solutions:

Securing Modern Apps | Every Step of the Way Image, Application Security

Our Comprehensive DevSecOps Approach

Optimize your development process with our cutting-edge DevSecOps platform , seamlessly securing every step of your software journey from code to cloud.

Automated Remediation

From Assessment to Assurance, Trust Us to Safeguard Your App's Security!

Experience comprehensive security enhancement with our all-in-one, unified dashboard – from prioritizing vulnerability management to precise identification of critical issues, rest assured, your application’s security posture is in good hands. 

Automated Remediation

Swift Vulnerability Detection and Resolution

Our integrated AST solutions streamline vulnerability management, open source risk assessment, API security, and application risk analysis, all within a unified dashboard.

Prioritized Vulnerability Management

Seamlessly correlate findings from our AST solutions to swiftly pinpoint and tackle critical security issues, enhancing your application's security posture.

Exploitability Assessment

Identify and focus on exploitable vulnerabilities within your open source software, enabling you to allocate resources efficiently.

API Security and DAST

Automatically discover and test shadow APIs, bolstering your API security defenses and fortifying your application against potential threats.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Leverage our risk management module to consolidate vulnerability data, risk ratings, and prioritization guidance across your entire application portfolio, all presented in a centralized, user-friendly dashboard.

Protecting Your Code, Across Every Stage!

Secure your app development journey with CloudDefense.AI, safeguarding every step of your project’s lifecycle. Seamlessly integrate with your preferred languages, tools, and workflows for unmatched security.

Unified IdP Integration

AppSec Management Simplified

Experience next-level application security with CloudDefense.AI. Leverage cutting-edge management tools to reduce costs and safeguard your applications. Our unified dashboards, automation integrations, and risk-driven prioritization redefine AppSec excellence.

Unified Dashboards

Effortlessly discover and remediate vulnerabilities across AST solutions using a single, intuitive interface.

Automation Integration

Seamlessly integrate security into your development process with a common set of automation tools.

Augmented Services

Empower your AppSec team with a full range of services designed to enhance protection.

Risk Prioritization

Easily rank your applications by risk to prioritize actions and strengthen security.

Unified IdP Integration
Automated Remediation

Smart Remediation, Smarter Security!

Experience Expert Fixes at Your Fingertips! With our AI-powered remediation, effortlessly resolve security issues in 5 minutes, pinpoint optimal fix locations, and trust expert-recommended solutions for seamless application vulnerability management.

Automated Remediation

AI-Powered Guided Remediation

At CloudDefense.AI, we introduce AI-based Remediation, a cutting-edge solution that simplifies security issue resolution. Gain comprehensive insights, optimal fix locations, and expert-recommended solutions, streamlining your vulnerability management process.

Smart Remediation

Effortlessly address security concerns with our intelligent system providing essential background information, pinpointing the best fix location, and suggesting effective solutions.

Optimal Fix Locations

Identify the precise areas that require attention, saving time and effort in your security patching efforts.

Expert-Recommended Solutions

Rely on expert guidance for the most effective and reliable fixes, enhancing your overall cybersecurity posture.

Seamless Vulnerability Management

Streamline your vulnerability management process with CloudDefense.AI's intuitive and powerful Smart Remediation feature.

Prioritize Risks Wisely: Know What to Fix First!

Our DevSecOps Module consolidates vulnerability information, risk scores, and prioritization labels, categorizing them as critical, high, medium, or low – all within a centralized, user-friendly dashboard.

Unified IdP Integration

Shift-Left Excellence

Shift left confidently in Code, OSS, and IaC management, processing over 140 MM+ code commits for unparalleled security and efficiency.

Comprehensive Code Analysis

Uncover vulnerabilities and ensure code integrity with our advanced scanning tools.

Open Source Security

Safeguard your open-source projects from potential threats, enhancing overall project reliability.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Assurance

Securely manage your infrastructure configurations, reducing risks and optimizing operations.

Industry-Leading Commit Processing

Handle vast code commit volumes seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted development cycles.

Streamlined Shift-Left Integration

Seamlessly integrate security into your development pipeline, enhancing productivity and resilience.

Unified IdP Integration

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