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Secret Management

Hassle-free Secret Management

Guard Your Secrets: Keep Them Out of Your Source Code! Our secret management solution performs real-time scanning of your source code to identify and safeguard sensitive information such as API keys, passwords, certificates, encryption keys, and other confidential data.

Hassle-free Secret Management

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud

Securing Secrets

Securing Secrets, Code-Wide: Our All-in-One Shield

Discover and safeguard exposed secrets in your repositories and CI/CD pipelines with our comprehensive, full-stack solution. Protect your data and code effortlessly.

Smart Threat Detection | Drift Detection and Prevention​

Automated Secret Detection

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities effortlessly with our cutting-edge technology. Our automated system scans all your files and CI/CD pipelines to detect exposed secrets.

Instant Response | Auto Remediation

Multidimensional Security

Experience a holistic approach to securing your data. We go beyond just repositories, covering all dimensions of your code and configurations for comprehensive protection.

Customizable Remediation Policies | KSPM

Real-time Threat Mitigation

Stay one step ahead of potential threats. Our system not only identifies exposed secrets but also offers real-time mitigation, ensuring your code and sensitive data remain secure at all times.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Secret Management

Securing Secrets, Simplified! Experience complete secret management with our comprehensive approach. From detection to encryption, we provide end-to-end solutions, ensuring your data remains secure across all repositories and pipelines.

Holistic Secrets Detection Suite

Holistic Secrets Detection Suite

At CloudDefense.AI, we offer cutting-edge security features, including precise detection of secrets using advanced algorithms, comprehensive coverage with 100+ domain-specific detectors, and thorough scanning across repositories and integrations for robust protection.

Precise Detection

We leverage advanced algorithms to identify secrets, such as access tokens, API keys, and encryption keys, with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring robust security against common vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Coverage

Benefit from 100+ domain-specific secret detectors that deliver precise alerts during both build and runtime, leaving no stone unturned in safeguarding your data.

Thorough Scanning

Scan all files within your repositories and monitor version histories across integrations, leaving no room for secrets to go undetected, and ensuring your data remains secure at all times.

Contextual Code Secret Validation

Say goodbye to contextless alerts with our solution, which automatically validates secrets in production code, correlates them with risk factors, and triggers code owner remediation actions.

Contextual Validation

Our tool goes beyond siloed scanning, ensuring secrets in your code are valid in production.

Risk Correlation

Automatically correlate secret issues with other risk factors, providing a comprehensive security overview.

Instant Remediation

Trigger contextual remediation actions directly to the code owner, enhancing code security.

Contextual Code Secret Validation
Securing Code and Developer Workflow

Securing Code and Developer Workflow

Empower your development team with seamless secret scanning integration, preventing hard coded secrets and fostering secure coding practices. Boost efficiency and security from pre-commit to merge requests with CloudDefense.AI.

Effortless Secret Scanning

Detect and eliminate hard coded secrets, preventing vulnerabilities at the source.

Developer-Centric Workflow

Integrate secret scanning seamlessly into your team's existing processes.

Secure Codebase

Break the habit of secret hardcoding and enhance your application's security posture.

Boosted Efficiency

Streamline development while safeguarding against hidden vulnerabilities.

Advanced Threat Analysis

Prioritize critical risks, prevent secrets exposure, and seamlessly integrate security into your CI/CD pipeline with our comprehensive suite of Code Risk Management solutions.

Code Risk Prioritization

Instantly assess and prioritize code risks to combat alert fatigue. Our Code Risk Score helps you focus on the most critical issues for swift resolution.

Automated Code Scanning

Detect and remediate secrets exposure in public and private code changes with automated alerts, ensuring minimal impact on your applications.

Timely, High-Risk Alerts

Reduce secrets exposure risk, save time for your AppSec team, and expedite incident response with user-friendly reports, delivering actionable insights.

Visual Data Insights

Our graph analysis identifies unusual patterns and behaviors, allowing proactive threat mitigation to protect your assets.

Advanced Threat Analysis

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Ready to see us in action? Schedule a time to speak with our team!