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Holistic Infrastructure as Code

Experience Holistic Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

Dive into proactive, holistic infrastructure as code security with CloudDefense.AI’s IaC scanning. Discover, remediate, and seamlessly collaborate for fortified protection in the cloud-native landscape.

Experience Holistic Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud

Infrastructure as Code

Streamline IaC Security: Spot, Solve, and Stay Secure!

Empower your CI/CD pipeline with our top-notch IaC Scanning feature. Identify and fortify IaC security seamlessly, so you can focus on building without worrying about vulnerabilities

Smart Threat Detection | Drift Detection and Prevention​

Security-First Workflow

Effortlessly automate security scans across your Kubernetes clusters. KSPM takes the complexity out of monitoring, ensuring your clusters remain secure without manual intervention.

Instant Response | Auto Remediation

Real-Time Code Insights

Our comprehensive analysis of your live cloud environment identifies the top risks, empowering security teams to prioritize policy enforcement during the pipeline. Learn from real-time data, then shift your focus leftward.

Customizable Remediation Policies | KSPM

Unified Policy Integration

Implement our integrated policies and compliance frameworks across your cloud setups  and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Plus, craft your own bespoke policies and frameworks for added protection.

Our Comprehensive Approach to IaC Scanning

Eliminate silos, enhance security. CloudDefense.AI unifies IaC scanning with one policy, bridging the gap between developers and security teams from source code to live environments.

Effortless IaC Security Assurance

Effortless IaC Security Assurance

Optimize your app development with CloudDefense.AI’s cutting-edge Automated Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security. Safeguard your projects by effortlessly identifying misconfigurations and secrets, ensuring continuous governance and effortless issue resolution within your DevOps workflows.

IaC Security Automation

CloudDefense.AI offers automated Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security scanning, preventing misconfigurations and exposed secrets throughout development.

Integrated Development Lifecycle

Our solution embeds security seamlessly across integrated development environments, CI/CD tools, repositories, and runtime environments.

Continuous Governance

 CloudDefense.AI facilitates continuous governance, allowing you to consistently enforce security policies in your codebase.

Automated Misconfiguration Fixes

We provide automated misconfiguration fixes through pull requests, streamlining the resolution of security issues.

Seamless Pipeline Integration

Effortlessly integrate our platform into your pipeline, providing developers with real-time feedback, code review comments, and centralized visibility of security issues, all while streamlining remediation in your DevOps workflows.

Integrated Pipeline Enhancement

CloudDefense.AI seamlessly integrates with your DevOps pipeline, empowering developers with real-time feedback and security insights in their familiar IDEs, CI tools, and VCS.

Effortless Feedback Loop

Enable fast issue resolution through native VCS integrations that auto-generate code review comments for identified security issues, ensuring swift remediation.

Centralized Security Hub

Gain a unified view of all infrastructure-as-code (IaC) security concerns across repositories, with intuitive filtering and searching capabilities to locate and address vulnerabilities swiftly.

DevOps Workflow Integration

Drive collaboration and swift remediation by seamlessly connecting CloudDefense.AI with collaboration and ticketing tools, enabling automatic ticket generation and alerts for your DevOps teams.

Seamless Pipeline Integration
Find and fix IaC Misconfigurations

Find and fix IaC Misconfigurations

Discover and resolve IaC misconfigurations effortlessly with CloudDefense.AI’s cutting-edge IaC security scanning. Our automated tool identifies hundreds of issues, from exposed storage buckets to weak passwords, empowering your team to enhance security swiftly.

Comprehensive IaC Scanning

Our tool conducts in-depth scans, pinpointing vulnerabilities like publicly accessible storage buckets, unencrypted critical data, and more.

Automated Alerts

Receive instant notifications about misconfigurations, enabling proactive remediation and enhancing security posture.

Password Policy Enforcement

Identify and rectify weak password policies, strengthening your infrastructure's defenses against unauthorized access.

Encryption Key Rotation

Ensure encryption key rotation compliance, safeguarding sensitive data from potential breaches.

Context-Driven Actionable Feedback and Insights

Experience seamless policy enforcement and faster issue resolution with CloudDefense.AI’s feature-rich solution. Gain context-aware insights, actionable guidance, and effortless tracing from cloud to code for efficient compliance and security management.

Context-Aware Policy Enforcement

CloudDefense.AI empowers developers with contextual policy violations, ensuring efficient resolution by providing detailed guidelines and automatic remediations for misconfigurations.

Context-Driven Visibility

Prioritize security with context-based policies, highlighting higher severity violations, and dependencies to streamline decision-making and resource allocation.

Actionable Guidance

Receive clear, actionable guidance for each policy violation, facilitating quick and effective remediation of misconfigurations in your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud-to-Code Tracing

Trace cloud resources back to Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates, identifying code owners for rapid issue resolution and seamless collaboration within your team.

Context-Driven Actionable Feedback and Insights

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