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vulnerability Management

Top-tier Vulnerability Management Solution

Stay Ahead of Threats, Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure!! Discover, Assess, and Fix Vulnerabilities across multi-cloud environments with our leading Vulnerability Management Solution

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Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud

vulnerability Management

Agentless Vulnerability Management: No Agents, No Hassle

Achieve top-notch vulnerability detection and mitigation with our agentless solution, thereby fortifying your cloud infrastructure with proactive protection.

Rapid Risk Identification

Agentless Security Assessment

Say goodbye to agent deployment. Our one-time cloud-native API setup allows for continuous workload assessment without the need for agents.
Data Collection Beyond Limits

AI-powered Remediation

Prioritize remediation efforts based on contextual risk. Target the most exposed resources or those with the greatest impact to boost your security posture.
Compliance: Holistic Security Assessment

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment

Our system goes deep to uncover concealed vulnerabilities, including those tied to log4j dependencies or exploitable CISA KEV issues.
CWPP: Robust Compliance Management

Developer-Centric Productivity Boost

Accelerate remediation with a developer-friendly view of vulnerabilities. Quickly identify and address the most critical package vulnerabilities, with guidance on the necessary fixes or upgrades.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Vulnerability Management

Our agentless vulnerability management approach effectively shields your multi-cloud environment, proactively identifying and neutralizing vulnerabilities
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Comprehensive Cloud Vulnerability Management Suite

Our platform provides a detailed inventory of your cloud environment, prioritizes vulnerabilities with contextual insights, and enables rapid response to critical threats like Log4Shell.

Full Cloud Inventory

Gain a complete overview of your cloud environment with CloudDefense.AI. We meticulously catalog your cloud assets, including OS packages, applications, libraries, and versions.

Multi-Source Vulnerability Data

CloudDefense.AI harnesses data from over 20 vulnerability sources. We ensure comprehensive coverage, enabling you to discover and address vulnerabilities across your entire cloud estate.

Context-Driven Prioritization

Unlike other solutions, CloudDefense.AI considers the context of your cloud assets, their connections, and associated risks. We empower you to focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat to your business.

Rapid Log4Shell Response

In high-pressure situations like Log4Shell, CloudDefense.AI allows you to swiftly pinpoint vulnerable cloud assets and prioritize patching them to protect your business from imminent threats.

Modern Query Builder

CloudDefense.AI's modern query builder simplifies the process of querying your entire environment. Easily access insights on vulnerabilities, risk levels, and contextual information, enhancing your security posture.

Uncovering Complex Risk Interdependencies

CloudDefense.AI’s cutting-edge feature section leverages attack path analysis and intuitive visual graphs to identify and prioritize interconnected vulnerabilities. Simplify your security strategy by focusing on high-impact attack paths, making your cloud assets more resilient.

Attack Path Analysis

CloudDefense.AI employs Attack Path Analysis to unveil interconnected risks, pinpointing the most perilous combinations. Our advanced algorithm assigns business impact scores, streamlining your security strategy.

Prioritization & Focus

Score and prioritize attack paths with ease. Our system helps security teams concentrate on the most dangerous paths, eliminating the need to sift through countless alerts. Maximize efficiency.

Visual Graphs

Gain clarity with visual graphs. Each attack path is presented visually with contextual data about cloud entities (IAM, compute, storage) and their relationships. Understand vulnerabilities at a glance.

Remediation Guidance

CloudDefense.AI provides clear guidance on the risks that must be addressed to disrupt attack paths. Streamline your remediation efforts by focusing on issues that impact multiple paths. Boost your cloud security.

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Streamlined CVE Impact Analysis

Effortlessly gauge the impact of new CVEs on your entire environment with CloudDefense.AI. Our comprehensive asset visibility and real-time insights ensure you can swiftly understand and mitigate vulnerabilities, enhancing your security posture.

Unified Asset Visibility

CloudDefense.AI provides a comprehensive view of all assets, workloads, identities, and data, allowing you to quickly locate and understand the impact of new CVEs on your environment.

Real-time CVE Insights

Stay ahead with our "From the News" widget, which automatically highlights breaking and trending CVEs while offering instant analysis of their presence and impact in your environment.

Effortless Querying

Easily query your environment to access detailed CVE information and contextual insights, including Internet exposure and configuration status, enhancing your risk assessment.

Risk Correlation Visualization

Explore how vulnerabilities intersect with other potential risks through our intuitive visualization tool, empowering you to make informed decisions for risk mitigation.

Pre-deployment vulnerability Assessment

Safeguard your applications by proactively identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in VMs and container images. This ensures your applications stay protected by detecting vulnerabilities in VM and container images before they reach production.

CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrate security into your CI/CD pipeline by scanning VM and container images, preventing vulnerable resources from reaching production.

Container Registry Scanning

Detect vulnerabilities and security risks in container images with regular registry scans, ensuring secure deployments to your runtime environment. Stay ahead with CloudDefense.AI.

Automated Vulnerability Detection

Safeguard your applications by automating vulnerability detection, proactively identifying and eliminating security threats before they can compromise your deployment process.

Risk Mitigation Assurance

With CloudDefense.AI, ensure risk mitigation assurance as you prevent vulnerabilities before deployment, strengthening your application's security posture from the very beginning of the development cycle.

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Compliance Assurance and Optimization

Our comprehensive suite of features offers CI/CD security integration, risk assessment, supply chain visibility, breach pathway analysis, and policy enforcement. Strengthen your defenses and build confidently.

Proactive Threat Mitigation

Detects and proactively neutralizes cloud threats to protect sensitive data and maintain compliance.

Adherence to Security Standards

Ensure alignment with key security standards like AWS Well-Architected, CSA, NIST, ISO 27001, and SOC II.

Legal Risk Mitigation

Safeguard your organization from potential legal consequences stemming from security compliance lapses.

Compliance Workflow Optimization

Optimize compliance workflows for smoother adherence to industry benchmarks and regulatory requirements.

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