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Advanced Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Industry-leading SAST Solution

Our advanced SAST solution meticulously examines your code, identifying security rule violations and conducting a comprehensive comparison of vulnerabilities between source and target branches.

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Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud

Our cutting-edge SAST Features

CloudDefense.AI's SAST: Paving the Path to Code Security through Clean Code Practices

Discover, elucidate, and streamline your software development journey towards a secure, resilient codebase with SAST. This powerful tool not only detects vulnerabilities and hotspots but also helps you comprehend their intricacies, enabling you to take informed and strategic steps towards crafting a secure, clean code foundation.
Effortless Integration

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly incorporate security into your development workflow. Detects vulnerabilities without leaving your developer environment, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted coding experience.
Rapid Insights

Rapid Insights

Experience swift results as our tool scans thousands of lines of source code in mere seconds or minutes, giving you immediate access to crucial security information.
Foster Trust | SAST

Foster Trust

Cultivate a culture of secure coding from the outset. Equip your team with the tools and knowledge they need to write code that’s inherently secure, building trust with each line of code.
Risk Management

Risk Management

Take control of your application’s security. Effectively manage and measure security across your software applications, enabling you to prioritize efforts and accelerate compliance, reducing risk across the board.

Our Comprehensive Approach to SAST​

Empowering Secure Software, One Scan at a Time. Our SCA solution enables users to enhance the security and compliance of their software step by step via thorough and efficient scans.
Go Beyond Traditional Code Scanning

Go Beyond Traditional Code Scanning

Discover hidden security vulnerabilities in your software with Deeper SAST from CloudDefense.AI. Our advanced code analysis delves into open-source dependencies, using machine learning to unearth deeply concealed threats.

Go beyond traditional SAST tools

Traditional SAST tools only analyze application code, leaving third-party library code unchecked. Unlike traditional SAST tools, we analyze both application and library code, extending protection against deeply concealed vulnerabilities.

Broad library coverage

Supports thousands of commonly used open-source libraries and their transitive dependencies.

Scalable and future-ready

Scales automatically and will expand to cover more languages and libraries, harnessing machine learning for optimization.

Automated Code Remediation

At CloudDefense.AI, we introduce Automated Remediation as part of our SAST solution – a powerful feature that automatically generates precise code fixes to address vulnerabilities. Review and approve recommended changes effortlessly, streamlining your code security process.

Automated Remediation

Instantly generates code corrections for identified flaws, simplifying code security maintenance.

Efficiency Redefined

Accelerate vulnerability resolution with automated code fix recommendations.

Seamless Workflow

Easily review and approve suggested changes to fortify your codebase against threats.

Precision and Control

Maintain oversight as you choose to approve or disapprove recommended code alterations.

Automated Code Remediation
Integrated Code Security Suite

Integrated Code Security Suite

Our cutting-edge SAST technology pioneers early vulnerability detection, effortlessly scales across languages, and integrates harmoniously into your existing development ecosystem.

Early Discovery

Experience real-time SAST power—uncovering security issues before code is built, streamlining your development journey, and fortifying your software's defenses.

Limitless Scalability, No Boundaries

Embrace coding diversity confidently. Our SAST effortlessly adapts to an array of languages and frameworks, erasing the need for complex configurations.

Seamless Integration

Integrate CloudDefense.AI SAST with mainstream IDEs, SCMs, CI servers, and more. Enhance security within your existing development pipelines with our versatile plugins and integrations.

Source-Centric Security

Enhance your development pipelines effortlessly. CloudDefense.AI lets you launch security scans from your existing tools, ensuring security is addressed at the source while you write code.

Automated Code Scanning

CloudDefense.AI introduces automated code scanning with our SAST solution, transforming code scanning into an agile and cost-effective process. By automating code reviews, we fortify security, liberate developers for proactive remediation, and provide a rich resource of actionable insights for continual code quality and security enhancements.

Efficiency & Savings

CloudDefense.AI's automated SAST rapidly scans extensive code volumes, saving time and costs in the development lifecycle.

Enhanced Security

Automate code scanning for a fortified application security posture, reducing reliance on manual reviews and boosting threat detection.

Early Issue Identification

Detect code quality and security issues in their infancy, fostering continuous improvement.

Actionable Insights

Gain valuable insights, security reports, and metrics to track and enhance your application's overall code quality.

Automated Code Scanning
Code Security Compliance

Code Security Compliance

Our platform empowers security auditors with detailed reports, ensuring enterprise-level code security tracking and compliance with industry standards like OWASP, CWE, and PCI DSS.

Enterprise-Level Governance

Evaluate software asset risks across your organization with ease, thanks to our detailed security reports and executive aggregation.

OWASP and CWE Compliance

Ensure compliance with industry-standard security benchmarks like OWASP Top 10, OWASP ASVS, and CWE Top 25 (2021, 2020, and 2019) effortlessly.

Developer-Friendly Insights

Translate security issues into developer-friendly language with our SAST solution, fostering collaboration between security professionals and developers.

Proactive Security Enhancement

Enable designated security advocates to swiftly attain a comprehensive overview of their application's security posture, thereby augmenting their ability to proactively enhance security measures.

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