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GDPR Compliance

Your Safety, Our Priority! From advanced threat detection to real-time monitoring and rapid incident response, our platform delivers complete protection, providing you with the confidence to navigate today’s complex security challenges. Achieve and stay GDPR-ready

GDPR Presents a Challenge to Open Source Projects

The future of systems, from apps to NASA drones on Mars, lies inside the open source concept. Amid the global race for market share, companies worldwide are sticking together (Source: ZDNet).

Although open source infrastructure and the GDPR have common goals, the GDPR does present a use case challenge.

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Good Patch Management Solves Most OS GDPR Concerns

Three quarters of breaches in Q4 2020 were caused by the exploitation of a single Windows flaw. Today, reliable patch management is obligatory to avoid the hundred of millions in fines and more in damages. To avoid GDPR negligence, you must resolve any known breach vulnerabilities. With us, resolve critical risks at-a-glance across languages, proprietary, and security aspects:

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How Patch Management with CloudDefense.AI
Gets and Keeps You GDPR-Ready


Better scanners than the NVD

Detecting micro and macro breaches much faster than national databases.


Critical Updates First approach

That flags all critical updates and vulnerabilities with a published proof-of-concept.


SCA, SAST & DAST scanners

Give as much efficiently automated GDPR code coverage as possible.


Establish GDPR

By monitoring for known vulnerabilities in the open source across the SDLC.


Maintain digital compliance

By syncing patch management automations with live repositories.


Meet insurer standards

To avoid preventable PII breaches such as experienced by Equifax.

Patching saves essential resources

60-80% of base codes use OS components. And 90% of known OS flaws have available fixes (source: InfoQ)
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Sample Data Mapping of GDPR Articles to CloudDefense.AI

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Article 25: Data protection
by Design

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tool: the only scanner, besides the weaker NVD, able to bake OS compliance into the full SDLC.

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Article 32: Security of

User access privilege and security “kept to a level appropriate to the risk”: eliminating single points of failure via entitlement reviews.

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Article 83: General Conditions for Fines

Transparent security and internal verification reports: proofs against 2% global revenue fines and 4% for severe breaks of GDPR tenets.

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