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AWS Zero Trust policy

Implement Zero Trust Policies For Your AWS Environment with a Single API Call
AWSZeroTrust Policy, a powerful FastAPI, simplifies deploying zero trust architecture on AWS. Dynamically generate granular access policies for any user, any resource, anywhere in your cloud. It’s security the way it should be: simple, automated, and unbreachable.

AWS Zero Trust policy by CloudDefenseAI

AWSZeroTrustPolicy is an open-source AWS Policy Generator API developed by CloudDefense.AI, which analyzes your actual user activity through CloudTrail logs and automatically generates the least privilege IAM policies optimized for your AWS environment. 

Simply provide your AWS credentials, specify the regions you want to monitor, and let AWSZeroTrustPolicy do the rest. It will swiftly generate fine-grained IAM policies tailored to your specific access needs, all within the blink of an eye. Check out our repo to learn more about the API and discover how to implement it seamlessly within your company’s security framework.

AWS Zero Trust policy

Benefits of AWSZeroTrustPolicy:

Granular Access Controls

Defines and restricts access based on specific user roles and tasks, eliminating broad, insecure permissions.

Least Privilege Enforcement

You can make sure users only have access to the resources they absolutely need, thereby reducing the risk of accidental or malicious misuse.

Automatic Policy Generation

Analyzes CloudTrail logs and generates IAM policies tailored to actual user activity, saving time and effort.

Open-Source and Easy to Use

AWSZeroTrustPolicy is readily available on GitHub and can be implemented with a POST request.

Improved Breach Prevention

Mitigates insider threats and unauthorized access by verifying user identities and limiting unnecessary privileges.

Improved User Activity Tracking

CloudTrail logs provide detailed records of user actions, enabling thorough audits and investigations.


No Trust, No Compromise:
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