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World's Top CNAPP that Secures from Hacker Recon to Cloud to Your Code

CloudDefense.AI is an industry-leading multi-layered Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) that safeguards your cloud infrastructure and cloud-native apps with unrivaled expertise, precision, and confidence.

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From Code-to-Cloud, Stay Secured with one of the Industry's Best CNAPP

Elevate your Code-to-Cloud experience with the excellence of our industry-leading CNAPP, delivering unmatched security to ensure your business’s data integrity and confidentiality.
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Why we are the Best CNAPP

Your Safety, Our Priority! From advanced threat detection to real-time monitoring and rapid incident response, our platform delivers complete protection, providing you with the confidence to navigate today’s complex security challenges.

Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

What our Customers say About our Products

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Reimagining The World Of DevSecOps

We are a now Cloud Detense customer, our experience has been nothing but positive so far. Cloud Defense has been vary helpful during the POV and they continue to be supportive since we bought the product.They are quick to answer and very knowledgeable. They supportive since we bought the product….

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CloudDefense.AI offers a game changing CNAPP solution

What do you like best about Cloud Defense AI?
1) Proactive Vulnerability Management – Offers 3 sided view of our cloud env – code scanning, resource monitoring, and “hacker view” for early vulnerability detection and automated fix generation
2) Comprehensive Coverage – Provides integrated protection for cloud infrastructure, workloads, data, APIs, containers, and access mgmt/identities. It also automaticcally generates the scripts needed to fix the vulnerabilities or misconfigurations discovered. the agentless and SaaS offering was easy to implement/adopt.
3) Built-in Compliance Support: Streamlines adherence to regulations like GDPR, HIPAA . . .

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Enterprise-Level Monitoring To Code-Level View From A Single Dashboard

I found them to:
-Enthusiastically listen to our complaints and work on them.
-Respond to our queries promptly and patiently provide detailed answers to our questions 
-Regularly seek ideas/suggestions and implement them when possible collaborate in product customization
-Work with us in enterprise integration efforts etc.

Cutting Edge Data Security Platform

Cloud Defense’s innovative data security solutions are a game changer. In an era where data is the
new currency, Cloud Defense emerges as a formidable guardian, ensuring businesses stay aheadin the digital landscape.

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CloudDefense is a unique CNAPP implementation - a must try!

The CNAPP solution by CloudDefense.I has changed the way we think about cloud security posture. its unique design incorporates 3 distinct views (app code level scanning, cloud resource monitoring, and outside view of our env – AKA “Hacker View”), for creating a holistic view of our cloud environment and a comprehensive understanding of the issues we face
(vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, improper access, etc.) What truly set CloudDefense apart of the
unified protection across all aspects of our cloud env – infra, workloads, app + data, APis, containers, even identities and access policies, etc. Here is what CloudDefense changed for us: 1) We can replace multiple scanners & monitoring solutions with 1 unified tooling – the agent-less approach and the SaaS offering simplifies the work we need to do and help us to save money. 
2)Now we have automated scanning but also automatically generated scripts for fixing the . . .

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Delivered Effective Cloud Security with a Cost-Effective Edge

CloudDefense.AI offers a single platform for monitoring our entire cloud environment, simplifying our security operations. It digs into the details to uncover misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and excessive permissions, enabling us to prioritize and fix issues efficiently. The team actively listens to user feedback, frequently releasing new features and improvements.

CloudDefense.AI have all the important tools like CSPM, CIEM, Threat Detection, CWPP, SAST, DAST, SCA, Container Security, API Security and more in one platform. I can see everything in one dashboard and I can see my priorities easily.

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Excellent Support and Overall Team.
All in one Application Security Testing Tool

Fantastic all in one platform for application security testing. This is one of a kind application security tool that combines many tools into one and provides the development teams the confidence to meet their objectives.

Trusted by the most innovative companies in the world

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