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Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

The Best CSPM Solution for Comprehensive Cloud Security​

Simplify compliance, Detect multi-cloud threats, and Maintain a risk-free posture effortlessly with our top-tier CSPM solution.
The Best CSPM Solution for Comprehensive Cloud Security

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud


Our Industry-leading CSPM Solution: Your Shield Against Threats, Your Partner in Compliance

CloudDefense.AI’s CSPM Solution excels in detecting misconfigurations, enforcing custom policies, and employing unique AI-driven remediation, all while providing comprehensive risk insights.

Holistic CSPM​​

Holistic CSPM​

Detect and manage cloud vulnerabilities through our advanced misconfiguration checks, real-time anomaly detection, and automated remediations—all from a unified console.
Contextual Alert Graphs​

Contextual Alert Graphs

Leave behind the days of sifting through endless alerts. With our Contextual Security Graph, every incident gains shared context, instantly highlighting the misconfigurations that demand immediate attention.

AI-Based Remediation, CSPM

AI-Based Remediation

Stay a step ahead in security with our AI-driven remediation techniques. Proactively tackle threats and fortify your defense strategy with unmatched intelligence.

Our Integrated approach to cloud security posture management

Unlock Cloud Security Excellence: Seamlessly manage compliance, detect threats, and gain risk insights with our advanced cloud security solution
Comprehensive Compliance Management

Comprehensive Compliance Management

Experience hassle-free cloud compliance assessments with our top-rated CSPM. Ensure adherence to regulations and industry standards like PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA, all in one unified dashboard. Streamline security across workloads, containers, identities, and data.

Complete Visibility and Coverage

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your cloud security posture. CloudDefense.AI provides unmatched visibility and context to align with the highest cloud security standards and compliance frameworks.

Simplified Risk Management

Streamline your risk management efforts by implementing well-documented best practices and adhering to industry standards. Mitigate potential vulnerabilities effectively and enhance your overall security.

Customize Policies

CloudDefense.AI allows you to customize policies and controls, making it easier to align with your unique business processes and security needs. This flexibility enables you to achieve compliance without compromising your operational efficiency and security posture.

360° Risk Insights

Gain exceptional visibility into risks across your entire tech stack.  Our CSPM solution conducts thorough scans of cloud workloads and identities, offering comprehensive insights into potential risks.

Prioritized Focus

Our cutting-edge CSPM solution scores and prioritizes attack paths, enabling security teams to concentrate on a select few high-risk paths instead of sifting through numerous isolated alerts.

Visual Attack Path Analysis

Get a visual representation of potential attack paths through an intuitive graph. This graph showcases the ultimate target and provides intricate details about each step involved.

Efficient Remediation

For each attack path, our CSPM solution outlines the necessary risk remediation steps required to disrupt the path. This further streamlines the remediation process, particularly when addressing issues that impact multiple paths simultaneously.

Built-in Rules for Comprehensive Assessment

Our CSPM solution automatically assesses over 300+ rules to provide a unified coverage across runtime environments like GCP, Azure, and AWS, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platforms including CloudFormation, Terraform, and Kubernetes.

360° Risk Insights
Real-Time Threat Detection

Real-Time Threat Detection

Our CSPM solution is a one-stop solution for real-time threat detection. From anomaly-based policies to network threat identification, stay steps ahead of risks with powerful insights and real-time alerts.

Rule-based Vigilance

Our Rule-based system queries the Streaming Graph after every event, evaluating a set of predefined rules based on industry standards. Customize and enhance these rules to suit your specific needs.

Anomaly Detection

Detect unknown and evolving threats using the anomaly-based system. This system identifies novel events and evaluates behavior anomalies in real time, ensuring a proactive defense against non-standard attack patterns.

User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

Keep a vigilant eye on user activities within your cloud environment. Our solution detects and alerts you to unusual user behaviors, enabling you to uncover insider threats and potential compromised accounts.

Actionable Insights

With our user-friendly console, you'll gain a clear understanding of suspicious network communication and user actions, facilitating quicker responses to potential threats.

Multi-cloud Compatibility

At CloudDefense.AI, we offer top-notch multi-cloud compatibility and comprehensive integration capabilities. Our platform ensures seamless multi-cloud management, conducts continuous misconfiguration scans, and enhances cloud security posture for AWS, Azure, GCP, and more.

Comprehensive Integration

Integrate CloudDefense.Ai with various tools such as email, OpsGenie, Slack, PagerDuty, Jira, Inspector, Guard Duty and ServiceNow for automated alerts, notifications, and streamlined ticketing.

Multi-Cloud Assurance

CloudDefense.AI ensures seamless multi-cloud management and compliance, keeping your cloud estate compatible with different platforms, from AWS and Azure to GCP.

Continuous Misconfiguration Scans

CloudDefense.AI performs real-time scans to spot and rectify vulnerabilities and compliance gaps, enhancing your cloud security posture.

Multi-cloud Compatibility​
AI-driven Remediation

AI-driven Remediation

Secure your cloud environment using advanced AI-powered remediation techniques that not only ensure prompt issue resolution but also boost your defense against evolving threats.

AI-Enhanced Remediation

Leverage advanced AI techniques to secure your cloud environment by swiftly addressing cloud misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, thereby creating a strong defense against emerging threats.

Automated Issue Resolution

Our CSPM solution employs AI algorithms for rapid identification and correction of potential security vulnerabilities within your cloud infrastructure, ensuring robust protection.

24/7 Security and Compliance

Enjoy round-the-clock protection and compliance adherence with real-time threat detection and automated remediation, bolstering your cloud security posture and addressing cloud misconfigurations.

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