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CloudDefense.AI is your single point of control providing a holistic view of threats and mitigating complexity.  Our goal is to reduce the complexity of a large tool stack and allow security teams to focus on fixing vulnerabilities.

Write for us and Earn Money

Write for Us and Earn Money

We are actively seeking experienced and passionate InfoSec writers to join our team and share their expertise in the fields of Cybersecurity, Cloud Security, Application Security, CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management), CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platforms), and related topics.

Why Write for CloudDefense.AI?

  • Opportunity to get paid up to $100/approved article
  • Gain visibility and recognition within the cybersecurity community by sharing your expertise through our platform.
  • Get featured on the top tier publishing websites
  • CloudDefense.AI can directly offer full position to the top writers

Submission Guidelines:

  • To maintain the high quality of our content, we have a few guidelines for article submissions:
    • Originality: All articles must be original and not published elsewhere. We encourage unique perspectives and fresh ideas.
    • Relevance: Topics should align with our focus areas, including Cybersecurity, Cloud Security, Application Security, CSPM, CWPP, and related subjects. Feel free to propose specific topics or ask for suggestions.
    • Make sure it is not already published on our blog here:
    • Length: Articles should generally be between 800 and 1,500 words. However, the focus should be on delivering value rather than adhering strictly to word count.
    • Style and Tone: Write in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. Use a professional tone and avoid excessive technical jargon, making the content accessible to a wide range of readers.
    • Supporting Content: Whenever possible, include relevant images, infographics, or diagrams to enhance the visual appeal and understanding of the article.
    • Citations and References: If you include facts, statistics, or external sources, provide appropriate citations or references to ensure accuracy and credibility.

How to Submit:

  • To submit your article for consideration, please email it as a Word document or Google Doc to with the subject line: “Guest Post Submission: [Your Topic].”

    Our editorial team will review your submission and respond within3 business days. Please include a brief author bio (50-100 words) along with your submission. Feel free to include links to your personal website, blog, or social media profiles that demonstrate your expertise in the field.

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