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Advanced Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Advanced Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Code security, Compliance Made Easy!!. Our SCA solution combines deep code analysis and real-time context to proactively assess vulnerability risks and compliance

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Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud

 Our cutting-edge SCA Features 

Next-Gen SCA: Enhancing Code Security, Compliance, and Transparency

Take control of license compliance, open source vulnerabilities, and code security like never before with CloudDefense.AI’s cutting-edge SCA scanning capabilities

Optimize Compliance with Ease

Optimize Compliance with Ease

Achieve compliance efforts and reduce costs by gaining deep insights into open-source licenses and third-party components in your build pipeline.

Richer Dataset for In-Depth Analysis

Richer Dataset for In-Depth Analysis

We leverage vfeed’s proprietary dataset for richer insights that surpass the National Vulnerability Database (NVD)., ensuring faster, more accurate results.

Streamline SCA with a Single Command

Streamline SCA with a Single Command

Execute comprehensive SCA scans effortlessly with a single command, saving you valuable time and effort.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Empower your team with advanced reporting features that save both time and money while keeping security at the forefront of your operations.

Our Comprehensive Approach to SCA

Empowering Secure Software, One Scan at a Time. Our SCA solution enables users to enhance the security and compliance of their software step by step via thorough and efficient scans.
Streamlined Open Source Security

Streamlined Open Source Security

CloudDefense.AI empowers developers with comprehensive open source risk management. Seamlessly integrated into DevOps workflows, our solution proactively scans for vulnerabilities and ensures license compliance, providing a unified view of infrastructure and application risks.

Integrated DevOps

CloudDefense.AI seamlessly integrates with developer tools, ensuring open source risk management is a natural part of your workflow.

Full Lifecycle Security

From code to deployment and runtime, our solution offers end-to-end security for packages and container images.

Unified Risk View

Gain a single, clear view into connected infrastructure and application risks, making informed decisions effortlessly.

Granular Version Control

Enjoy precise version bump fixes for open source packages, enhancing security and compliance.

Vulnerability Remediation Made Simple

At CloudDefense.AI, we offer a robust vulnerability solution. Our database goes beyond NVD, simplifying remediation by pinpointing supported library updates. Auto-remediation streamlines security enhancement, making us your top choice.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Database

Our database goes beyond NVD, offering an extensive collection of vulnerabilities. This means you get a more complete picture of potential threats to your applications.

Simplified Remediation

We make it easy for developers to address vulnerabilities by providing clear guidance on which newer library versions support the necessary fixes. No more guesswork.

Exclusive Discovery of Hidden Threats

In addition to NVD listings, CloudDefense.AI uncovers vulnerabilities not found elsewhere. This exclusive insight equips you with a more robust defense against emerging threats.

Vulnerability Remediation Made Simple
In-Depth Dependency Tree View

In-Depth Dependency Tree View

Discover and address vulnerabilities efficiently with CloudDefense.AI’s Dependency Tree View. Gain a holistic view of your application’s vulnerabilities, including direct and nested dependencies, for informed prioritization and enhanced security.

Comprehensive Overview

Get a holistic view of your application's vulnerabilities, encompassing all dependencies, both direct and nested, offering a complete and transparent understanding of your software's security landscape.

Prioritization Power

With our Dependency Tree View, effortlessly prioritize vulnerabilities based on their criticality. Focus your resources on mitigating high-risk threats, ensuring a more efficient and effective security strategy.

Efficient Remediation

Our platform equips you with actionable insights, allowing you to swiftly address vulnerabilities. Streamline your remediation efforts, reducing the window of exposure to potential threats and enhancing your security posture.

Unmatched Visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility into your application's security status through our intuitive Dependency Tree View. Easily identify potential risks and areas that require immediate attention, ensuring proactive threat mitigation.

Proactive Defense

Stay ahead of emerging risks and vulnerabilities with CloudDefense.AI's cutting-edge solution. By visualizing your application's dependency structure, you can proactively address security issues before they escalate.

Quick and Easy Setup

At CloudDefense.AI, we prioritize simplicity and security. With our user-friendly technology, even non-experts can protect their applications in just 2 minutes, making us the trusted choice for developers and security teams.

Get Started in Minutes

CloudDefense.AI streamlines the security setup process, enabling you to launch and protect your applications within just 2 minutes. It's hassle-free and incredibly efficient.


Our platform prioritizes developer needs, ensuring that you don't need to possess security expertise to safeguard your applications effectively. We simplify the entire security journey.

Trusted Security

Security teams across the industry place their trust in CloudDefense.AI. Our platform offers a straightforward solution to secure your applications, with just a simple command.

Quick and Easy Setup

Ready to see us in action? Schedule a time
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Ready to see us in action? Schedule a time to speak with our team!