Stay secure as you build.

Just one solution.

CloudDefense allows you to use just one, lightning fast, developer-friendly tool for all your application security needs.

Easy to enforce security policies

Auto enforce code security and compliance policies.

Comprehensive and Modern

Securing custom code, open source libraries , SDKs, APIs, and more.

Ultimate preventative security

Catch security bugs early and often before they impact users or systems.

Pick your machine type and run the command to install


CD Live

Run tests and compile dependencies
The CloudDefense CI/CD is extensible with webhooks to integrate with any workflow. It includes a declarative infrastructure that is versioned - just as with your code
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Everything great teams need to secure and protect their apps and data

Single platform for assessing risk of applications

Unified platform to identify security gaps and present the vulnerabilities categorized by risk calculated based on multiple factors.

Software Composition Analysis

For assessing 3rd party libraries included as part of the application or the container

Static Application Security Testing

Automated analysis of written code (compiled or uncompiled) for security vulnerabilities.

Dynamic Application with Security Testing

When testing with CloudDefense DAST, you don’t need to have access to the source code to find vulnerabilities.

API vulnerabilities

API Scanning is a process of testing your API endpoints to find any potential vulnerabilities.

Container Scanning

CloudDefense Container Scanning allows you to run security scans on your Docker images to find vulnerabilities.

The Ultimate AppSec Tool

A single and comprehensive tool for security vulnerability scanning

Easily enforce your security best practices and compliance policies on every commit.


Enabling Shift Left security

Move faster by having security closer to you, easily integrating with your tools and workflow.


By developers, for developers

Integrated with the existing dev tools and workflows (CI/CD pipelines).


Integrations marketplace

Integrations with popular security tools such as SonarQube, Checkmarx, Fortify, Virsec WAS, and more.

Easy for developers.
Integrated security in seconds.

We’ve made it easy to integrate our platform into your existing tool chains. Whether you work with Java, Python, Rust, or JS instantly scan for vulnerabilities in your dependencies.

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