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Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) Made Easy!

CloudDefense.AI is an industry-leading multi-layered Cloud Native Application and Protection Platform (CNAPP) that safeguards your cloud infrastructure and cloud-native apps with unrivaled expertise, precision, and confidence.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) Made Easy!

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud


CIEM Beyond Boundaries: Elevate Cloud Security, Empower
Access Control, and Assure Compliance

Heighten your cloud security like never before! Our revolutionary CIEM solution empowers you with complete control over identities, seamless access permissions, and unparalleled compliance across multiple clouds.

Advanced Risk Insights Icon

Advanced Risk Insights

Effectively pinpoint and resolve cloud identity issues to enhance your security posture with our comprehensive risk insights.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management Icon

Entitlement Management​

Mitigate hidden permissions using AI-driven rightsizing.Strengthen by removing & optimising vulnerabilities, attack surfaces & permissions.

CIEM: Smart Risk Prioritization

Smart Risk Prioritization

Our platform uncovers and addresses critical security issues with precision, powered by risk scores.
Compliance-Driven Control Logo

Compliance-Driven Control​

Effectively pinpoint and resolve cloud identity issues to fortify your security posture with our comprehensive risk insights.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Revolutionize cloud security with our CIEM solution – Total Control, Seamless Access, and Unmatched Compliance. Elevate your cloud protection today!
Visibility and Cloud Permissions Management

Visibility and Cloud Permissions Management

Enhance security through Net-Effective Permissions insights, cross-cloud entitlement management, pre-built policies, and compliance-oriented permission audits – all on a unified platform.

360° Cloud Permissions Insight

See who can do what across AWS, Azure, and GCP. Detect and correct overly permissive access to achieve true least privilege.

Unified Multi-Cloud Entitlements

Manage permissions seamlessly across your multi-cloud environments and accounts within a unified hub.

Swiftly Uncover Cloud Entitlements

Rapidly pinpoint risky permissions, eliminate unwanted cloud resource access, and address identity misconfigurations with precision and ease.

Custom-made Policies

Make use of customized policies to spot risky permissions and eliminate unwanted cloud resource access.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Our platform assigns tags and risk scores (e.g., critical, high, medium, low) to all vulnerabilities identified. It helps organizations prioritize which security issues to address first, focusing resources on the most critical and impactful vulnerabilities to reduce overall risk.

Optimizing Permissions for Robust Cloud Security

Shield your cloud assets with swift detection and resolution of risky permissions. Our automated CIEM system ensures least-privileged access, identifies and rectifies overly permissive policies, and correlates complex identity-resource relationships for comprehensive protection.

AI-based Instant Remediation

Our system not only identifies potential access issues but also guides you on how to fix them. It shows you your current access settings and suggests improved access levels, based on a 30-day analysis. This helps you easily make your cloud resources more secure by following our clear recommendations.

Detect Overly Permissive Policies

Identify and eliminate unwarranted access to your cloud resources by pinpointing overly permissive access policies.

Comprehensive Relationship Mapping

Gain insights into intricate identity-resource relationships by considering permission boundaries, SCPs, trust policies, and more.

Optimizing Permissions for Robust Cloud Security
Advanced IAM Entitlement Investigation

Advanced IAM Entitlement Investigation

Our best-rated CIEM solution offers a comprehensive understanding of user-resource interactions through top-notch visualizations. Empower your security strategy by investigating suspicious activities and eliminating vulnerabilities through meticulous access control alignment.

Comprehensive IAM Insights

Explore IAM entities, permissions, and relationships spanning multiple clouds for a complete understanding of user-resource interactions.

Holistic User Activity View

Investigate suspicious activities and interconnected accounts, gaining deeper insights into potential threats and their scope.

Automated Recommendations

Rely on automated suggestions to achieve stringent least privilege permissions, enhancing overall cloud security.

Advanced Context Map

Our Context Map feature is a powerful tool that provides custom visualizations and insights based on user preferences and queries. It helps users gain a deeper understanding of their cloud security landscape.

Custom Queries

Users can create custom queries to retrieve specific information about their cloud environment. For example, they can query for users with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled or access permissions to specific cloud resources and many more.

User Access to Resources

The feature should not only show which users have MFA enabled but also display which users have access to specific cloud resources, such as EC2 instances, and which policies grant them access.

Dependency Analysis

Offer insights into dependencies between users, resources, and policies. Users can visualize how changes in one area of access might impact other areas, helping them make informed decisions about security configurations and changes.

Unified IdP Integration
Automated Remediation

Automated Remediation

Experience heightened security with our CIEM solution, utilizing AI-driven insights for intelligent risk remediation. Swift, expert-guided fixes and automated workflows ensure a secure cloud environment.

Advanced Vulnerability Prioritization

Our CIEM solution employs advanced tagging and risk scoring algorithms, categorizing vulnerabilities into critical, high, medium, or low-risk levels to know which one to fix first.

Guided Instant Remediation

Our system analyzes access settings over 30 days, offering clear step-by-step security enhancement recommendations for effortless, immediate access control improvements.

Automated Remediation Workflows

Our platform streamlines security remediation processes by automating workflows, allowing you to proactively safeguard your environment without the need for manual intervention.

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