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How It Works

CloudDefense.AI is your single point of control providing a holistic view of threats and mitigating complexity.  Our goal is to reduce the complexity of a large tool stack and allow security teams to focus on fixing vulnerabilities. We don’t replace your security tools, we make them better.

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Our technology has inbuilt systems that flag keys based on pre-defined rules.

Advanced vulnerability dataset that’s richer than NVD

CloudDefense.AI’s vulnerability dataset refreshes every 12 hours. This means, if a new vulnerability gets discovered, your applications will be able to find new vulnerabilities in the next scan.
Advanced vulnerability dataset that’s richer than NVD Image

Fully Audited for Critical Use at Scalein Vendor Systems

From the GDPR to the HIPAA, data privacy authorities assess your Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) practices after a breach — lack of due diligence can be considered ‘wilful negligence’ of data protection. You need a strong AppSec that comes SOC II validated out-of-the-box for security: with CloudDefense.AI, critically cover your enterprise-wide applications, without adding risks to your data or compliance:

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How CloudDefense.AI’s Data Security Platform
Gets and Keeps You Compliance-Ready


Comprehensive coverage

CloudDefense performs automated scans of an application’s codebase, including related artifacts to identify all open source components, their license compliance data, and any security vulnerabilities.


Code Review

Our tool helps in the early detection of code vulnerabilities and minimizes the risk of exposure along with the cost of debugging and fixing at a later stage. We do not store any code anywhere in our system.


Prevent all secret keys

Customize  rules based on your
policies and application needs.
In case a rule is violated, the build breaks, and a notification is generated. This can initiate a ticket creation in Jira.


Find vulnerabilities

CloudDefense helps discover a wide range of vulnerabilities such as input/output validation issues which you can find, prioritize, and assign to developers. It can be integrated with any build system of your choice.


Analyze APIs

Our simplified agent can analyze APIs on OWASP Top 10 using a simple command. It can be integrated as part of your development process so that the dev team benefits from continuous security.


Centralized Reports

To avoid preventable PII breaches suchCloudDefense provides a single pane of glass centralized reporting and visibility for Executives, Managers, and Developers for SCA, SAST, DAST, AP, Secrets and Containers vulnerabilities, and health experienced by Equifax.

Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through the build process

20% of enterprise software companies that have adopted SAST into their DevSecOps have reduced vulnerabilities by 26%.

Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through the build process
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Easy for developers Integrated security in seconds

We’ve made it easy to integrate our platform into your existing tool chains. Whether you work with Java, Python, Rust, or JS instantly scan for vulnerabilities in your dependencies.


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