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Container Vulnerability Management

Frictionless Container Vulnerability Management

Revolutionize your container security with our cutting-edge solution! Effortlessly integrate vulnerability scans, enforce policies, and secure runtime environments for continuous protection and risk mitigation at scale.

Frictionless Container Vulnerability Management

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud

 Our cutting-edge Vulnerability Management Features

Scan, Secure, and Monitor: A One-Stop Solution for Container Vulnerability Management

Protecting Your Cloud Ecosystem, One Container at a Time! Achieve seamless, agentless deployment in minutes, ensuring 100% coverage for container security across your entire cloud infrastructure.

Precise Vulnerability Assessment

Precise Vulnerability Assessment

Our meticulous approach delivers pinpoint accuracy in identifying container vulnerabilities, minimizing false alarms and optimizing container security.

Shift-Left Security for Containers | Container Vulnerability Management

Shift-Left Security for Containers

CloudDefense.AI enhances container security by integrating vulnerability checks early in development, expediting issue resolution within CI/CD pipelines for containerized applications.

Container-Centric Risk Management

Secure Dependencies

Identify and resolve vulnerabilities within base images and Dockerfile commands by proactively scanning and securing open-source dependencies for enhanced container security.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Implementing Container Vulnerability Management

Shift left, stay secure!. Our approach ensures container security with precision, integrating vulnerability checks early in development and minimizing false alarms for robust container protection.
Advanced Container Scanning

Advanced Container Scanning

Quickly scan containers and open-source dependencies, empowering developers to effortlessly identify and resolve vulnerabilities within existing workflows, all while implementing security measures from the very start.

Unified Security Scanning

Scan containers and their open-source dependencies in one go from our integrated developer security platform, simplifying your security checks.

Developer-Centric Approach

CloudDefense.AI focuses on developers, offering insights into vulnerable Docker images and dependencies without the need for security expertise.

Early Vulnerability Detection

Identify and address vulnerabilities at the earliest stages of development, reducing friction and enhancing security for cloud-native applications.

Shift Left Security

Implement security measures from the outset, enhancing your containers and applications' security posture right from the beginning of the development process.

Holistic Container Vulnerability Insights

Our platform equips you with comprehensive security insights and fine-tuned controls, empowering you to strengthen application and container security.

Extensive Security Information

Access CWE, CVE, and CVSS numbers, providing a rich dataset for in-depth vulnerability assessment and prioritization.

Intuitive Prioritization Tags

Identify vulnerabilities with ease using our prioritization tags (critical, high, medium, low) for effective risk management and mitigation.

Custom Severity Assignment

Personalize vulnerability severity for precise risk assessment and targeted mitigation strategies, enhancing application and container security with tailored precision.

False Positive Management

Streamline your workflow by marking issues as false positives for specified durations (day, week, month, year, or forever), promoting effective collaboration and noise reduction in security operations.

Holistic Secrets Detection Suite
Uncovering Complex Risk Interdependencies

Dynamic Runtime Defense

CloudDefense.AI offers comprehensive container security solutions that protect your containers in any environment, with runtime defense, simplified management, automatic anomaly detection, network visibility, and incident response capabilities.

Runtime Defense

Automatically secure containers across diverse environments with predictive threat protection, including agent and agentless options for Docker and CaaS.

Simplified Security Management

Manage container security seamlessly in both cloud and on-premises settings, covering unmanaged and managed deployments, and supporting CRI-compliant runtimes for consistent security.

Automatic Anomaly Detection

Continuously monitor container behavior, identifying and blocking known threats and abnormal activities by profiling processes, networking, and file system behaviors for proactive security.

Network Visibility

Real-time visibility into container network communications across your cloud environments, ensuring you have insights into all traffic for effective monitoring and threat detection.

Advanced Container Scanning

Achieve enhanced container security with CloudDefense.AI’s streamlined Advanced Container Scanning. Execute scans effortlessly, receive lightning-fast results, and access detailed reports instantly on our CloudDefense Server for robust protection and informed decision-making.

Effortless Container Scanning

Simplify security checks with a single command for efficient container scans, ensuring robust protection for your applications.

Rapid Results

Swiftly obtain scan results in seconds, eliminating delays and enabling quick responses to potential threats.

Seamless Integration

No need for extra software – our fully packaged Docker Image streamlines the scanning process for hassle-free implementation.

In-Depth Insights

Gain immediate access to comprehensive scan results and detailed reports on the CloudDefense Server, empowering informed decision-making.

Streamlined CVE Impact Analysis

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