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Threat Detection and Response

Real-time Threat Detection and Response

Stay steps ahead of cyber threats with our cutting-edge threat detection and response solution. Monitor, intercept, and respond instantly to protect your cloud infrastructure from evolving cyber threats.

Real-time Threat Detection and Response

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Find out which misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud

No Threat in the Cloud

Fear No Threat in the Cloud: Identify, Investigate, and Respond in Real-time

Implement real-time threat detection and response like never before. Watch your cloud activities in action, stay ahead of risks, and safeguard your data cloud effortlessly
Unified Threat Visibility

Unified Threat Visibility

Instantly spot attacker movements in your cloud environment by correlating real-time signals with cloud activity, enabling swift responses to potential incidents.
Activity Monitoring

Activity Monitoring

Detect both known and unknown threats and malicious behavior by closely monitoring workload events and cloud activity.
Rapid Investigation

Rapid Investigation

Gain quick insights into potential threats and assess the safety of critical assets by thoroughly researching suspicious activities.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Implementing Container Vulnerability Management

Discover our all-encompassing approach to Cloud Threat Detection and Response – a dynamic strategy meticulously crafted to stay ahead of security threats lurking within cloud environments.
AIML-Driven Cloud Security Insights

AI/ML-Driven Cloud Security Insights

At CloudDefense.AI, we empower your cloud security with cutting-edge features, including ML-based anomaly detection, pinpointing unusual activities, detecting DNS threats, and more to safeguard your cloud environment from evolving cyber threats.

Advanced Anomaly Detection

Leverage ML to proactively identify network anomalies and zero-day attacks, minimizing false positives.

Reconnaissance Detection

Detect and address common reconnaissance techniques, ensuring ports remain secure.

Adversary Activity Spotting

Identify evasive activities used by adversaries in their quest for sensitive data, like PII and financial information.

DNS Threat Identification

Uncover DNS-based threats, such as domain generation algorithm (DGA), without altering your DNS infrastructure.

Advanced Cloud Security through UEBA

From UEBA insights to anomalous compute provisioning detection, we’ve got you covered for robust threat monitoring and detection.

Advanced UEBA

Continuously monitor user activities, pinpointing abnormal behavior for swift threat response.

Anomaly Detection

Identify irregular compute provisioning, safeguarding against resource misuse and cryptojacking.

Insider Threat Alert

Uncover suspicious activities like excessive login failures, thwarting brute force attacks.

Real-time User Behavior

Instantly spot specific actions, backed by historical context, for a proactive security stance.

Streamlined CVE Impact Analysis
Uncovering Complex Risk Interdependencies

Comprehensive Cloud Security Solutions Suite

At CloudDefense.AI, we go beyond threats by helping you prioritize risks, investigate detections with our Security Graph, and effectively respond to threats in your cloud environment.

Risk-Based Prioritization

Effortlessly prioritize threats by overlaying detections with infrastructure context, ensuring the protection of your most valuable resources in the cloud.

Graph-Driven Investigation

Understand detection impact using our Security Graph, correlating it with network, identity, and secret risks for a comprehensive view of your environment's security posture.

End-to-End Visibility

Automatically correlate threats across real-time signals, cloud activity, and audit logs to uncover attacker movements, enabling rapid response to mitigate potential incidents.

Holistic Application and API Security

Enhance your security posture with CloudDefense.AI’s cutting-edge feature set. Safeguard your applications and APIs, gain insights into attackers’ behavior, validate risks, and proactively identify misconfigured APIs for a fortified defense.

Advanced Attack Simulation

Gain a comprehensive understanding of attacker behavior by analyzing external exposure. Augment investigations with real-time attacker views.

Risk Validation & Prioritization

Verify the exposure status of ports and IP addresses in your cloud network configurations. Swiftly prioritize and remediate high-risk issues with valuable context.

API Configuration Auditing

Secure your environment by identifying misconfigured APIs. Receive alerts for unauthenticated access, secret exposure, or sensitive data exposure, reducing your attack surface.

Streamlined CVE Impact Analysis

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