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Retail and E-Commerce

Your Safety, Our Priority! From advanced threat detection to real-time monitoring and rapid incident response, our platform delivers complete protection, providing you with the confidence to navigate today’s complex security challenges.

Outdated Security Leads to More Customer Data Breaches

Retailers can no longer hope to balance out generic security tools and license requirements without never-ending risks. 

There’s too big a cloud, with reams of security and regulatory hazards – each accelerating. It’s today, therefore, ill-advised to undertake large-scale sales operations while still being dependent on decentralized anti-malware.

75% of retail and e-commerce firms were, indeed, breached in the past 5 years (Source: Mondaq). Losses were downtime, lawsuits, reputation, and PII customer data.

You need leak-free auto compliance and security that covers software backdoors, to help you grow competitive infrastructures whilst blocking the real dangers.

Finance Companies Need a Single Control Point to Manage the ‘Frankencloud | Vulnerability Remediation
Retail and E-Commerce: Know The Threats

Know The Threats

Two threat-vectors to interest retailers:
Most large firms use outdated tool stacks to manage these issues. An unprecedented $30 million ‘REvil’ ransomware attack on Dairy Farm was 2021’s early landmark testimony to this growing retail vulnerability.

Outdated AppSec Risks

Mitigating Outdated AppSec Risks, Safeguarding Your Digital Assets in a Rapidly Changing World with CloudDefense.AI


Lowered trust

Like Equifax experienced after avoidable breaches.


Operational bottlenecks

Because risk controls can’t keep pace with the landscape.


Laborious lawsuits

From a lack of open-source use-case tracking.


Major downtime

From specific network demolishing malware.

With CloudDefense.AI . . .

Enterprise-Grade, Turnkey Detection

Turnkey Holistic Detection Portal

We raise retailers into the minority of 25% large organizations who can remedy malware/breaches within a day – all thanks to properly gathered intelligence. While most others are still manually configuring their security policies, we’ll help you to innovate confidently.

Fix Easier, Faster, & Deeper

A safer battle-tested, double-edged threat & code-compliance scanner for today’s complex cloud world. Admin-friendly suggestion trees automatically find/fix issues. Security expertise not needed as 100s of real-time integrations cover you, from OSS inventory to leading-edge vulnerability database covers.
Zero-Trust, Shared Reporting System
Eased Compliance and Reports

Eased Compliance and Reports

We’re changing how reporting is done. Get all the vital insights you need to make data-driven decisions with just one easy to digest report. Cross- organizational gaps become visible team high-priorities, with Airtight Compliance Checklists.

Keeps Pace With Agile DevOps

Many attacks are outside-in: the public sector is vulnerable as it relies on third-party endpoints for software, billing, tech support, and reports. CloudDefense.AI SAST constantly checks for security rule violations between source and target branches.

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Merge SecOps You Need to Thrive Today

We’re committed to helping you risk-manage and sustain compliance. CloudDefense.AI’s provisions come with vital best practices, expert guidance, and technical support to help you succeed.

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