What is Strongly consistent read in AWS? Detailed Explanation

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Strongly Consistent Read in terms of AWS

In the realm of cloud computing, reliability and consistency are crucial aspects for ensuring the consistent delivery of data to the end-user. When it comes to reading data from a cloud-based storage system like Amazon Web Services (AWS), one important concept to understand is "strongly consistent read."

AWS employs a distributed system to store data across multiple servers, and these servers operate in parallel to provide high availability and scalability. Consequently, ensuring consistency across all these servers becomes a challenging task. Strongly consistent read is a method used by AWS to ensure that the most up-to-date version of data is retrieved.

In a strongly consistent read, the read operation will only be considered successful if it returns the latest committed version of data. AWS achieves this by synchronizing data across all servers before completing a read operation. This synchronization ensures that each server holds and returns the same version of data, avoiding any potential inconsistency that could arise due to concurrent writes or updates.

The strongly consistent read feature in AWS is particularly useful in scenarios where data integrity is of utmost importance, such as financial transactions or critical systems that require immediate access to the most accurate information. It guarantees that when a read request is made, all subsequent read requests will return the same version of data until a write operation modifies it.

To enable strongly consistent read in AWS, developers can employ the appropriate read consistency settings in their applications or queries. By default, AWS employs an eventually consistent read method, which provides higher read throughput but introduces a slight possibility of returning stale data. However, by explicitly specifying a strongly consistent read, developers can guarantee the retrieval of the most recent copy of data, albeit at the cost of potentially lower read throughput.

In conclusion, the concept of strongly consistent read in AWS ensures that data consistency is maintained across all servers in a distributed system. It ensures that the latest version of data is delivered to the user, making it particularly valuable in scenarios where data integrity and accuracy are critical. By leveraging strongly consistent read settings, developers can enable applications to fetch the most up-to-date data from AWS, providing a reliable and consistent user experience.

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