Amazon EKS Integration with CloudDefense.AI

Integrating Amazon EKS with CloudDefense.AI provides automated security checks and policies, enhancing the overall security posture and streamlining container workload protection in Kubernetes environments.

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Integration of Amazon EKS with CloudDefense.AI

What is Amazon EKS?

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a fully managed service by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that simplifies the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications using Kubernetes. EKS enables developers to focus on building applications without the need to manage the underlying infrastructure required for running Kubernetes clusters.

Benefits of integrating Amazon EKS with CloudDefense.AI

Integrating Amazon EKS with CloudDefense.AI brings several benefits to the table. CloudDefense.AI is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that offers a range of DevSecOps tools designed to secure your cloud infrastructure and applications. By integrating with Amazon EKS, CloudDefense.AI can seamlessly scan code in repositories, perform web application vulnerability assessments, and analyze cloud tools such as Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), and Attack Graphs.

How does CloudDefense.AI secure your cloud infra and applications?

CloudDefense.AI employs a set of DevSecOps tools to comprehensively secure your cloud infrastructure and applications. It scans code in repositories, identifying vulnerabilities and potential security flaws. It also performs web application scanning to uncover vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Additionally, CloudDefense.AI integrates with cloud-focused tools including CIEM and CSPM, providing a comprehensive security posture management solution for your cloud environment. By leveraging Attack Graphs, it identifies potential attack paths and helps prioritize security tasks.

In summary, Amazon EKS is a managed service by AWS for running containerized applications using Kubernetes. When integrated with CloudDefense.AI, it enhances security by providing a wide range of DevSecOps tools to secure your cloud infrastructure and applications. Through code scanning, web application scanning, and integration with cloud tools, CloudDefense.AI ensures that your DevSecOps practices are robust, addressing vulnerabilities and enhancing your overall security posture.

Integrate Amazon EKS, with CloudDefense.AI in just 1 Minute!

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Go to Integration

Open settings and select the integration option.

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Click on Amazon EKS

Among the options, click on the Amazon EKS icon.

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Give permissions to CloudDefense.AI and we should be good to go.

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Instructions for integrating Amazon EKS with CloudDefense.AI

  • Create an Amazon EKS cluster in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) console or using the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to access and manage the EKS cluster.
  • Install the CloudDefense agent on each node of your EKS cluster. This can be done manually or through an automated configuration management tool.
  • Configure the CloudDefense agent with the necessary credentials and settings to communicate with the CloudDefense.AI platform.
  • Verify that the CloudDefense agent is successfully installed and running on each node of the EKS cluster.
  • Access the CloudDefense.AI dashboard and navigate to the "Integrations" or "Settings" section.
  • Select the option to integrate a new service.
  • In the "Service Integration" configuration, choose Amazon EKS as the target service.
  • Enter the necessary information, such as the EKS cluster name, region, and credentials, to establish a connection to the cluster.
  • Save the integration configuration.
  • CloudDefense.AI will establish a connection to your EKS cluster and start monitoring the cluster for security vulnerabilities and threats.

Quick & Easy to Install in DevSecOps Platform

Amazon EKS, also known as Elastic Kubernetes Service, can be easily integrated into CloudDefense.AI's dev sec ops platform with a simple and streamlined installation process. This combination enhances security while providing a seamless experience for managing containerized applications in the cloud.

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Easily Integrates with Our ACS™

Integrating your cloud infrastructure with Amazon EKS and CloudDefense.AI is a seamless process, leveraging Amazon's managed Kubernetes service for containerized applications, combined with CloudDefense's advanced security automation to protect your cloud assets from potential threats.

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