Jira Server Integration with CloudDefense.AI

Integrating Jira Server with CloudDefense.AI is great as it centralizes security findings, automates ticket creation, and facilitates collaboration, streamlining the vulnerability management process for enhanced software and application security.

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Integration of Jira Server with CloudDefense.AI

What is Jira Server?

Jira Server is a comprehensive project management and issue tracking tool developed by Atlassian. It is designed to help teams plan, track, and release software projects efficiently. Jira Server offers a wide range of features, including project tracking, issue tracking, customizable workflows, dashboards, and extensive reporting capabilities. It is an on-premises deployment option, which allows organizations to have full control over their data and infrastructure.

Benefits of integrating Jira Server with CloudDefense.AI

Integrating Jira Server with CloudDefense.AI provides several benefits. Firstly, it enables seamless collaboration between development, security, and operations teams. The integration allows teams to centralize security findings and vulnerabilities within Jira, facilitating easier tracking, prioritization, and resolution of issues. This helps improve the efficiency of the overall software development process.

Secondly, Jira Server integration with CloudDefense.AI enhances visibility and transparency across teams. By consolidating security-related information, such as vulnerability scans and code analysis, into Jira, all stakeholders can easily access and understand the security status of the project. This promotes better decision-making and risk management.

Finally, integrating Jira Server with CloudDefense.AI automates security and compliance checks. Through automated scanning of code repositories, web applications, and cloud tools like CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) and CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management), vulnerabilities and misconfigurations can be identified and resolved in real-time. This proactive approach helps to mitigate security risks, fortify the cloud infrastructure, and protect applications from potential threats.

How does CloudDefense.AI help secure your cloud infra and applications?

CloudDefense.AI leverages DevSecOps tools to ensure the security of your cloud infrastructure and applications. It accomplishes this through various techniques:

1. Code Repository Scanning: CloudDefense.AI automatically scans code repositories, such as GitHub and Bitbucket, to identify security vulnerabilities, hardcoded secrets, and other potential issues in the codebase before deployment.

2. Web Application Scanning: By conducting regular scans of web applications, CloudDefense.AI detects and alerts teams of any vulnerabilities or weaknesses that may expose the application to attacks. These scans include tests for common web vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and insecure direct object references.

3. Cloud Tool Integrations: CloudDefense.AI integrates with cloud tools like CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management), CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management), and attack graph analysis to provide comprehensive visibility into the security posture of your cloud infrastructure. This ensures that your cloud resources are well-configured and comply with security best practices.

4. DevSecOps Approach: CloudDefense.AI embeds security into every stage of the development and deployment process. By integrating security into DevOps workflows and providing developers with real-time feedback on security issues, CloudDefense.AI helps build secure applications from the ground up rather than treating security as an afterthought.

Overall, CloudDefense.AI provides a holistic solution to secure cloud infrastructure and applications by leveraging automated scanning, integrating with cloud tools, and adopting a proactive DevSecOps approach.

Integrate Jira Server, with CloudDefense.AI in just 1 Minute!

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Go to Integration

Open settings and select the integration option.

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Click on Jira Server

Among the options, click on the Jira Server icon.

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Give permissions to CloudDefense.AI and we should be good to go.

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Instructions for integrating Jira Server with CloudDefense.AI

  • Go to the Jira Server website.
  • Log in to your Jira Server account using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the Jira Marketplace.
  • Search for the "CloudDefense.AI" app in the Jira Marketplace.
  • Click on the "CloudDefense.AI" app to open its details page.
  • Click on the "Get it now" button to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the prompts to install the CloudDefense.AI app on your Jira Server instance.
  • Once installed, go to the CloudDefense.AI website.
  • Login to your CloudDefense.AI account using your credentials.
  • Locate the dashboard where you can integrate services.
  • Click on the add service option.
  • Select Jira Server from the list of available services.
  • Provide the necessary details, such as the Jira Server URL, username, and password.
  • Save the configuration.
  • The Jira Server integration with CloudDefense.AI is now complete.

Quick & Easy to Install in DevSecOps Platform

Jira Server can be smoothly installed on CloudDefense.AI's dev sec ops platform, providing a reliable and secure environment for project management and collaboration. Its effortless integration enhances productivity and strengthens cybersecurity measures, ensuring a seamless experience for organizations.

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Easily Integrates with Our ACS™

Integrating your cloud infrastructure with Jira Server and CloudDefense.AI is seamless, providing easy collaboration and streamlined security. Jira Server is a self-hosted version of Jira, offering robust project management capabilities and customizable workflows for effective team collaboration.

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