ThousandEyes Integration with CloudDefense.AI

Integrating ThousandEyes with CloudDefense.AI enhances cybersecurity by combining network and application visibility to ensure comprehensive monitoring and protection against potential threats.

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Integration of ThousandEyes with CloudDefense.AI


ThousandEyes is a network intelligence platform that provides visibility into the network and internet infrastructure. It offers monitoring and testing solutions to help organizations identify and troubleshoot network performance issues and optimize their digital experiences. ThousandEyes enables businesses to gain insights into the performance of their internet connections, cloud services, and applications across various networks, providers, and locations.

Integration with CloudDefense.AI

Integrating ThousandEyes with CloudDefense.AI brings several benefits to organizations looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture. When combined with CloudDefense.AI's suite of dev sec ops tools, ThousandEyes provides crucial visibility into the cloud infrastructure and application performance, enabling better security and risk management.

The integration allows organizations to gain real-time insights into their network performance and identify any potential vulnerabilities or discrepancies. By leveraging ThousandEyes' extensive monitoring capabilities, businesses can proactively detect and prevent network and application-related security issues before they impact their operations.

Securing Cloud Infra and Applications with CloudDefense.AI

CloudDefense.AI offers a range of dev sec ops tools that help secure cloud infrastructure and applications. These tools scan code in repositories, conduct thorough scans of web applications, and assess the security of cloud tools such as Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).

By utilizing these dev sec ops tools, organizations can identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and potential attack vectors within their cloud environments. The tools also provide an attack graph that visualizes the potential paths attackers could take to exploit weaknesses, helping organizations prioritize and remediate security issues effectively.

In summary, integrating ThousandEyes with CloudDefense.AI brings visibility, proactive monitoring, and enhanced security capabilities to an organization's cloud infrastructure and applications. By leveraging ThousandEyes' network intelligence and CloudDefense.AI's dev sec ops tools, businesses can ensure the protection of their digital assets and maintain a robust cybersecurity posture in the cloud environment.

Integrate ThousandEyes, with CloudDefense.AI in just 1 Minute!

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Go to Integration

Open settings and select the integration option.

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Click on ThousandEyes

Among the options, click on the ThousandEyes icon.

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Give permissions to CloudDefense.AI and we should be good to go.

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Instructions for integrating ThousandEyes with CloudDefense.AI

  • Sign in to your CloudDefense.AI dashboard.
  • In the dashboard, navigate to the integration section.
  • Click on the "Add Integration" button.
  • In the available integration options, search for "ThousandEyes" and select it.
  • Enter the required credentials and API details for ThousandEyes.
  • Click on the "Connect" button to establish the integration.
  • Once the integration is successful, CloudDefense.AI will start fetching data from ThousandEyes.
  • Navigate to the dashboard layout customization section of CloudDefense.AI.
  • Add a new widget or modify an existing one to display the ThousandEyes data.
  • Select the appropriate data source from the available options, which will be ThousandEyes in this case.
  • Configure the widget parameters to display the desired ThousandEyes data on the dashboard.
  • Save the changes to the dashboard layout.
  • Now, the ThousandEyes data will be seamlessly integrated and displayed on your CloudDefense.AI dashboard.

Quick & Easy to Install in DevSecOps Platform

ThousandEyes is effortlessly integrated into CloudDefense.AI's dev sec ops platform, providing seamless visibility and monitoring of network and application performance across various cloud environments. Its easy setup enables efficient detection and resolution of security threats in real-time.

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Easily Integrates with Our ACS™

Integrating your cloud infrastructure with ThousandEyes and CloudDefense.AI is seamless and straightforward, enabling comprehensive visibility and continuous monitoring of your network performance, cybersecurity threats, and the overall health of your cloud environment. ThousandEyes provides real-time insights and diagnostics for optimized cloud connectivity and digital experience.

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