CloudDefense was founded by the desire to solve a problem.

Data. The ultimate motivator for hackers.

Hackers are constantly looking for ways to exploit application vulnerabilities and gain access to sensitive data.

The average enterprise company deals with hundreds of applications and this volume, understandably, creates a nightmarish situation for SecOps personnel to constantly certify, pen-test, and validate the security posture of each application.
While the SecOps team is hard at work doing all that, developers become frustrated with the bottleneck.

This is where CloudDefense helps. CloudDefense introduces a breakthrough platform for assessing the risk posture for the entire application stack and enables a more agile DevSecOps philosophy, which will help security move at the same pace as development.

Finally, a way for CIO’s and CISO’s to better balance risk and development speed!

The risk for an application can only be assessed by evaluating the entire application stack, and CloudDefense enables Security and Compliance teams to get a bird's-eye view of overall application security risk, open source  vulnerabilities, and quickly investigate any legal compliance issues.

Meet the Team

Our founders decided to use their experience leading security teams at large Fortune 50 companies and their experience with previously founding a company that went on to IPO to create Cloud Defense.

Anshu Bansal


Abhi Arora


AJ Singh

VP Customer Success


Engineering Team Lead

Sia Mohajer

Marketing Director

Dan Fries

Growth Director

Melissa Fox

Advisor – Government Relationships

Agastya Kumar

UI Architect

Key investors and Board members

Atiq Raza

Chairman of the Board

Gokul Rajaram


Bhaskar Sunkara


Tanya Janca


Arjun Malhotra


Semin Val

Board Member

Martine Niejadlik


CloudDefense provides security scanning tools that can be easily integrated into your  existing software build system to identify application and container vulnerabilities.