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Anshu Bansal

Anshu Bansal


Co-Founder & CEO at CloudDefense.AI

Expertise :

Cloud Computing

Application Security


Agile Software Development

Agile Product Development

Highlights :

  1. Co-Founder & CEO at CloudDefense.AI, leading the charge in innovative cybersecurity solutions.
  2. Before this venture, they steered another company from ground zero to a remarkable $60 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and orchestrated a successful IPO on NASDAQ.

  3. Anshu Bansal and his team have secured over 70,000 applications and implemented more than 60,000 remediation’s.

  4. Anshu Bansal serves as a Technology Council member at Forbes.

Experience :​

Anshu Bansal, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and venture capitalist, currently co-founds CloudDefense.AI, a cybersecurity solution with a mission to secure your business by rapidly identifying and removing critical risks in Applications and Infrastructure as Code. With a background in Amazon, Microsoft, and VMWare, they contributed to various software and security roles.

At Amazon, Anshu worked as a Sr. Engineering Manager, overseeing an Amazon Kindle subsidiary in the San Francisco Bay Area. They managed technical teams and contributed to launches like Kindle Devices, the Fire Phone, and Prime Music. Anshu’s skills include hiring, talent management, and certifying Amazon’s application security. They also played a key role in moving on-premise services to AWS.

At Microsoft, Anshu worked as a Sr. Software Development Engineer, collaborating on projects like X-Box, Zune, and Windows Phone. They developed applications impacting millions daily, using technologies like Microsoft CRM, Visual Studio, .NET, and C#.

Anshu Bansal’s journey showcases leadership and expertise in the tech industry.

About CloudDefense.AI:​

CloudDefense.AI is a cybersecurity solution dedicated to rapidly identifying and mitigating critical risks in Applications and Infrastructure as Code. Having secured over 70,000 applications, we’ve implemented more than 60,000 remediations, showcasing our commitment to robust security practices. As pioneers in application and cloud security, our flagship product, CloudDefense ACS, offers a comprehensive solution with advanced AI and ML capabilities to fortify your valuable assets against malicious attacks.

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