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Understanding CWPP vs CSPM vs CNAPP vs CIEM: What’s the Difference?

Understanding CWPP vs CSPM vs CNAPP vs CIEM Whats the Difference 1300

It can be quite overwhelming for you if you are a company using cloud computing services when acronyms like CNAPP, CWPP, CSPM, and CIEM are thrown at them. Each of these security tools plays a critical role in creating a cloud security infrastructure in your company.  For you to ensure that the integrity and security […]

10 Best Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Tools in 2024

Best SAST Tools

Choosing from the range of static application security testing, or SAST, tools available in the market to find the right one can be a hard task. The desire to identify and address security issues before applications hit production is clear, but choosing the ideal tool remains a challenge. Fear not, as I’ve got you covered! […]

What is DSPM? Data Security Posture Management Explained

What is DSPM

Growing cloud data poses a threat to sensitive information. A 2023 survey found that 75% of businesses reported over 40% of their cloud data as sensitive, making cloud data security a top concern for security teams. Amidst this looming threat, Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) emerges as a revolutionary solution. It provides organizations with critical […]

5G’s Influence on Cloud Computing

Impact Of 5G On Cloud Computing

Get ready for a business revolution as 5G technology steps onto the stage, set to transform the landscape of cloud computing. The buzz surrounding 5G is signaling a monumental shift in network and communications. This claim is further supported by Ericsson’s 2023 Mobility report, which predicts that 1.6 billion people worldwide will have 5G connectivity […]

Top 5 MongoDB Security Best Practices

MongoDB Security Best Practices

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on the security risks your MongoDB database might be exposed to? Let’s imagine a scenario. You’ve poured your heart and soul into creating an application, and its triumph is closely linked with MongoDB. But in the absence of strong security measures, your precious data might turn into […]

What is Alert Fatigue in Cybersecurity?

What is Alert Fatigue

Cybersecurity strategies have already become integral parts of organizations nowadays, woven into almost every operation. However, as systems grow more intricate and interconnected, security squads are overwhelmed with a barrage of alerts and notifications.  This overflow frequently puts them in a tough spot—figuring out which alerts need urgent action and which ones can be dealt […]

The Future of Cloud Computing 2025-2030: Trends and Predictions

The Future of Cloud Computing 20

Almost every modern organization is shifting to digital infrastructure and opting for a cloud workspace due to its fast workflow, better business management, and impressive return. Cloud computing serves as the key driver behind the digital transformation in today’s businesses and helps businesses to operate with better scalability, operation, and collaboration.  With the increase in […]

Indian State Government Fixes Website Bugs Found by CloudDefense.AI

Feature Image TechCrunch2

The Rajasthan state government has recently successfully addressed security vulnerabilities on its Jan Aadhaar website. The portal, which is part of a state program offering a unique identifier for the residents of Rajasthan to access welfare schemes, was found to expose sensitive documents and personal information of millions of citizens. How was the Security Breach […]

Top 10 Best CNAPP Vendors in 2024

Top 10 Best CNAPP Vendors in 202

Gone are those days when organizations had a limited number of choices for their Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP). With the increasing use of cloud-native technologies and services, the use of CNAPP has drastically increased as it has revolutionized how organizations secure their applications.  The CNAPP platform has simplified application protection and allowed developers […]

Cloud Forensics and Data Visualization for Ransomware Attacks

Cloud Forensics and Data Visuali

Cloud computing has enabled companies to function much more effectively than ever before. The cloud has many advantages, including its cost-effectiveness, accessibility, scalability, efficiency, and high performance. However, it has also introduced an array of cyber threats that can be hard to tackle in the complex environment of the cloud.  Ransomware attacks have emerged as […]