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Backdated CCPA Settlements for Poorly Protected Customer Data

The future of systems, from apps to NASA drones on Mars, lies inside the open source concept. Amid the global race for market share, companies worldwide are sticking together (Source: ZDNet).

Although open source infrastructure and the GDPR have common goals, the GDPR does present a use case challenge.

Transparent AppSec is a Must for CCPA Compliance
CCPA-backed, class action lawsuits against breached companies in California have been growing in number since Hanna’s case. Poor cyber risk management, while not the only gap, is a large risk factor.

To avoid CCPA-related damages from poor mitigations of cyber breach threats, providers need a balanced AppSec solution. With CloudDefense, you can cover critical risks at-a-glance in a transparent portal:

How CloudDefense’s Data Security Platform Gets and Keeps You CCPA-Ready

TRPM-ready for devs and admins

offering internal verifications, automatic remediations and Airtight Checklisting.

Critical Updates First approach

for prioritised cyber diligence before flags scales up to the legal/criminal.

SCA, SAST & DAST scanners

that continuously monitor known OS & SOC 2 issues across your full SDLC.

Maintain SDLC digital compliance

by syncing patch management automations with live repositories.

Certified for Cross-Industry Use


Meet insurer & data standards

and avoid preventable breaches such as Equifax’s, litigation and bad press.
Customer ‘data expectations’ are growing
From electronic payment records to personal details — initial access brokers (IABs) on black markets look for gaps to exploit:
California law has not kept pace with data developments and personal privacy implications of it. (Source: CCPA).
94% of the public say businesses should be doing more to protect consumers against cyber-threats. (Source: IBM)

Sample Data Mapping of GDPR Articles to CloudDefence

1798.150.  Reasonable Security Procedures

Automatic pen-test, SCA, SAST and DAST scanners: SOC 2 certified and 100s of integrations including break- through threat and OS repositories.

Private Right of Action

Transparent security and internal verification reports: proofs against fines of up to $750 per customer for severe breaks of CCPA tenets.

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