Run Security Scans on your Docker Images

CloudDefense Container Scanning helps identify vulnerabilities while scanning your containers for malware

Advanced Container Scanning

CloudDefense Container Scanning allows you to run security scans on your Docker images to find vulnerabilities.

No additional software required.

Fully packaged CloudDefense Docker Image is all you need to run scans.

Get scan results within seconds

Scans complete within a few seconds. No more long waits to get your results

Easily run Container Scans

A single command is all you need to run to execute Container Scans.

Detailed reports at your fingertips

Detailed scan results and reports are available on the CloudDefense Server immediately.

Get up and running in 2 minutes!


Intuitive and easy to use

CloudDefense’s proprietary technology is easy to use.


By developers, for developers

You don’t need to be a security expert to run.


Trusted by security teams

Your applications can be secure by running a simple command.

Seamless integration with CI/CD tools

Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through the Build process by adding an automated CloudDefense test to your CI/CD.

You’ll get notified if your project’s dependencies are affected by newly disclosed vulnerabilities.

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