Advanced Security At The Speed of DevOps

Cross-Industry White Paper

Better Threat Intelligence

Due to outdated designs, traditional cybersecurity struggles with large, highly connected, complex networks.

Critical data, used for internal processes and customers, is targeted more easily. Hackers today know how valuable information is - having an enterprise cybersecurity program is a must, to safeguard this vital data.

Enterprise cybersecurity gives wiser protection than the old model. It not only vets third-party services. Securing on-premise, cloud, and IoT infra- structure is much simpler.

Via single-point controls, managers and directors across public, industry and commerce sectors, can disrupt adversarial supply chains and meet compliance needs with confidence.

Know Your Risks
Consider the following alarming statistics from cyber-threat and data breach studies, for organizations:
Detections took 6 monthsper data breach, in 2017. (Source: Consoltech)
Almost 3/4s of of organizations used over 25 cybersecurity tools, in 2019. (Source: CyberBit)
Cyberthreats a bigger risk to F-35 jets than missiles, in 2021. (Source: InterestingEngineering)

Outdated AppSec Risks

Increased ransomware

Leading to major outages that propagate.

Supply chain breaches

Because IT technologies are unfit for the landscape.

Reduced operations

Because non-duplicative records are more vulnerable.

Unauthorized PII access

Like the preventable breach that Equifax experienced.

With CloudDefense...

Enterprise-Grade, Turnkey Detection

We raise large companies into the minority who can remedy issues within a day. Thanks to properly gathered intelligence, while others manually configure their security policies, we’ll help you to innovate confidently.

Join the Golden Few
Join the Golden Few

Zero-Trust, Shared Reporting System

Backdoor access sold on the dark web is a product of immense, fractured networks. We’ll tighten porous systems, to disrupt common intrusions. Auto- monitor via pen testing, remediations and multiple repos - while team reports shrink failure points.

Eased Compliance and Reports

Get the insights to drive data based decisions with one easy to digest report. Organizational gaps are priority flagged. Use Airtight Checklists, to demonstrate organizational compliance across regulatory bodies (HIPAA, GDPR, 201 CMR 17, and CCPA) .

Seals Third-Party Application Risks

Many attacks are outside-in: the public sector is vulnerable as it relies on third-party endpoints for software, billing, tech support, and reports. CloudDefense SAST constantly checks for security rule violations between source and target branches.

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Learn More

Merge the Security You Need to Thrive Today

We’re committed to helping you manage risk and sustain compliance. CloudDefense’s provisions include best practices, technical support and expert guidance.

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