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Finance Companies Need a Single Control Point to Manage the ‘Frankencloud’

‘Frankencloud’, across industry circles, is coining the hybrid cloud (itself home to evermore government, private, and public enterprise networks). Large security teams averagely use 25 to 49 tools and up to 10 vendors – a fragmented wall made of disconnected security products that seems increasingly both torn and stuffed at the seams.

A pincushion of tiny flaws lie hidden in this model, which is riddled by advanced actors and accelerating regulations.

Fintech’s largest challenge is to find a way to properly join-together AI, anti-malware, compliance, data protection, and mobile operations.

Know The Threats
2021’s attack-vectors of interest to finance organizations:
Financial companies hit by 300 times more attacks than all other industries, with a 238% increase (Source: 6DG).
Over a 100 million records exposed in 2019 (Source: SecurityMagazine).
40% rise in Global GDPR fines in January 2020-2021(Source: Tessian).
Fintech uses outdated tool stacks – leading to millions of sensitive data elements stolen each year.

Outdated AppSec Risks

Less trust from stolen data

Like Equifax experienced after avoidable breaches.

Operational bottlenecks

Because risk controls aren’t fit for the landscape.

Laborious lawsuits

From a lack of open-source use-case tracking.

Major downtime

From specific network demolishing malware.

With CloudDefense...

Turnkey Holistic Detection Portal

Withstand day-to-day snowstorms using a single point of control that brings together 100s of integrated tools. We help some of the world’s largest healthcare institutions to join the minority able to remedy breaches within a day, via properly gathering intelligence.

Join the Golden Few
Join the Golden Few

Fix Easier, Faster, & Deeper

CloudDefense is able to scan multiple OSS code repos and offer immediate remediation – while hundreds of real-time integrations cover you, including the vfeed vulnerability database. Simple suggestion trees automatically find and fix issues.

Eased Compliance and Reports

We’re changing reporting. Get insights to make data-driven decisions with one easy to digest report. Organizational gaps are priority-flagged – with breakthrough Airtight Checklists to demonstrate compliance across regulatory bodies (HIPAA, GDPR, 201 CMR 17, and CCPA) .

Consolidates and Keeps Pace With Agile DevOps

CloudDefense is a single tree with many branches to address your various finance risk domains and optimize the program. Our grassroots design buffers tiny failure points for natural CI & CD readiness using shift-left, and the straightforward power of one complete team viewport – to leverage as you track program analytics, set clear KPIs, and solidify the AppSec impact for key stakeholders.

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Learn More

Merge the Security You Need to Thrive Today

We’re committed to helping you manage risk and sustain compliance. CloudDefense’s provisions include best practices, technical support, and expert guidance, helping you update system parts into a central body.

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