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Cross-Industry White Paper

Insurers Must Harness Advanced Technologies

Quote: “The cybersecurity situation facing the insurance industry is more complex than most other sectors” (Source: Accenture).

The cloud may offer unique solutions. From real-time analytics to agency portals and client claims. But big networks also expose diverse, major digital assets: be it SSNs or CCNs. Insurers also get held to the fire by very strict PCI DSS requirements.

Cyberattacks on the insurance sector are opportunistic, made across shorter timescales. To avoid successful identity fraud, firms are resorting to downtiming for weeks. Rapid detection, quarantines and recovery is the gold standard.

Know the Risks of Your Average Insurance Company
Over 100 attacks per year with 30% being successful. (Source: ITL)
Those using the ‘old model’ can expect higher cyber risks. (Source: Accenture)
Market-values can drop after one major breach. (Source: Deloitte case study)

Outdated AppSec Risks

Threats to market-value

As with Equifax’s preventable breach.

Uncertainty for stakeholders

Due to ad hoc tool-stacks.

Compliance issues

Because proper SecDevOps is non-existent.

A higher risk profile

Which can cascade and cause reputational damage.

With CloudDefense...

Rapid Detection and Recovery at the Turn of a Key

“It’s not just about whether a company has suffered a breach, but how it was remediated, and the steps taken to improve processes.” (Source: ISC²) We raise large companies into the minority who can remedy issues within a day.

Thanks to properly gathered intelligence, while others manually configure their security policies, you’ll help you to operate confidently.

Join the Golden Few
Join the Golden Few

Superior Scans With Zero Trust Dependant

By tightening gaps, we disrupt backdoor data access of dark web dealers. Auto-shrink common intrusion failure points via multiple repos and team checks. And demonstrate internal verifications and segregation of duties to key stakeholders.

Eased Compliance With Airtight Checklists

Get the insights to drive data based decisions with one easy to digest report. Organizational gaps are priority flagged. Use Airtight Checklists, to demonstrate organizational compliance across regulatory bodies (PCI DSS, FINRA, NYDFS, FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA).

Cover 3rd-Party Applications

Many attacks are outside-in: the insurance sector is vulnerable as it relies on third-party endpoints for software, billing, tech support, OSS and reports. CloudDefense SAST constantly checks for security rule violations between source and target branches.

Learn About SAST Protection
Learn About SAST Protection

Merge the Security You Need to Thrive Today

We’re committed to helping you manage risk and sustain compliance. CloudDefense’s provisions include best practices, technical support and expert guidance.

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