Open Source License Compliance Management
When running SCA scans, CloudDefense analyzes not just the OSS components but also lets us know if the developer might have used a 3rd party Library that is not permitted by our legal/security team. Essentially, Using the CloudDefense tool, we can create our Licence policy that dictates what are the allowed licenses and which ones should be denied.
License Features
Get continuous compliance with code SCA featuring audit-grade reporting and comprehensive dependency inventory.
Inventory of open source license types
Sophisticated Policy Governance
Apply built-in, customizable OSS policies across company, product, and team
Configurable policies flag or block violations natively via existing engineering workflows
Conditional rules provide actionable remediation
Developer-friendly experience for easy triage, escalation and workflow integration

We support multiple languages and tool chains.

Whether you work with Java, Python, Rust, or JS instantly scan for vulnerabilities in your dependencies, we’ve made it easy to integrate our platform into your existing tool so you can instantly scan for vulnerabilities in your dependencies.