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Malware Decrease is Proportional to Rise in Ransomware

Since COVID, a shift in the type of intrusions has become obvious: despite a 39% drop in general malware; crypto and IoT jacking rose — and ransomware proportionally, by 40% (Source: SecMag).

Ransomware hackers repurpose malware for multistage exploits, often over months, to search environments for “crown jewels.” A flood of IoT devices with little security in mind (from smartphones to door chimes) and remote workers, enable this by spiking attack vectors in.

There’s a slim chance of ransomers being caught. For one, they usually use bitcoin, which is next-to-impossible to track. Hackers will continue to use this lucrative, risk-free type of cybercrime in order to achieve global recognition and economic power. Organizations must make themselves hard targets at every level.

Know Your Risks

Headlines are just one risk companies face from ransomware that has grown in aggressiveness since about 2019:


Ransomware attacks are 2.5X more damaging than other cybersecurity incidents. (Source: Ontech)


Downtime after an attack can cost nearly 50X more than the ransom itself. (Source: iCorps)

Cyber Attack

57% of companies lost 11-20% of their client base after a ransomware attack. (Source: NinjaRMM)
Risks of Outdated AppSec
Negligence as with Equifax’s preventable breach, hiding lingering threats.
Uncertainty of stakeholders due to failed ad hoc tool-stacks.
Compliance issues because proper SecDevOps is non-existent.
Poor penetration of scanners allowing malware time to discover your crown jewels.

With CloudDefense...

Deeper Detection and Recovery

At the Turn of a Key

We raise large companies into the minority who can remedy issues within a day. Thanks to properly gathered intelligence. While others manually configure their security policies, you’ll help you to operate confidently. Each process, participating in a proper, harmonic way.

Join the Golden Few
Join the Golden Few

DevSec Ops

With Zero Trust Protections

Use our SCA scanner to label data with a CRITICAL, HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW classification. We’ll methodically disrupt backdoor intrusion attempts by initial access brokers (IABs) in real time. See your gaps hierarchically auto- shrink, with extra protections for access points using internal verifications.

Eased Compliance

Using Airtight Checklists

Get the insights to drive data based decisions with one easy to digest report. Organizational gaps are priority flagged. Use Airtight Checklists, to demonstrate organizational compliance across regulatory bodies: PCI DSS, FINRA, NYDFS, FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Covers 3rd-Party Applications

In Real Time

Many attacks are outside-in: the insurance sector is vulnerable as it relies on third-party endpoints for software, billing, tech support, OSS and reports. CloudDefense SAST constantly checks for security rule violations between source and target branches.

Learn About SAST Protection
Learn About SAST Protection

Merge the Security You Need to Thrive Today

We’re committed to helping you manage risk and sustain compliance. CloudDefense’s provisions include best practices, technical support and expert guidance.

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