Automate and Manage your Enterprise’s Security Risk

CloudDefense SCA helps automate and manage your enterprise’s security risk across the entire application portfolio. It helps organizations proactively strengthen their application security.

Healthcare Pays Twice More Than Finance Per Breach

From electronic health records, to telemedicines and imaging, legacy healthtech has struggled with healthcare’s changing nature.

Healthcare records are also high-value targets, so while the cloud boosts patient care, it generates attack-surfaces.

Single-point controls are needed to facilitate access of on-site data, non- duplicative patient-records, and up-to-date systems.

Advanced Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

CloudDefense’s advanced SCA scanning allows teams to manage license compliance, open source vulnerabilities and security on a whole new level.

Better compliance

Understanding open source licenses and third party software components used in your build pipeline to achieve better compliance and reduced cost.

One command to run them all

One simple command line to run a comprehensive set of SCA scans.

Faster and better than NVD

We use a proprietary dataset powered by vfeed, which is richer than NVD (national vulnerability database).

Advanced reporting

Save time and money with advanced reporting features to keep security front and center for your team.

Works with all popular languages & tools

Use with programming languages of your choice, such as Java, Node.js, Python, .NET Core, PHP and more.

Easy Remediation

Comprehensive database with vulnerabilities in addition to NVD

Make it easy for developers to fix vulnerabilities by finding guidance on which newer versions of the library have support for vulnerability fixes.

Auto remediation

In addition to all the vulnerabilities available via NVD, CloudDefense provides vulnerabilities that are not available in the NVD.

Dependency tree view

Prioritize vulnerabilities by having access to the entire vulnerability tree with the total number of dependencies for your application - including direct and transitive (nested) dependencies.

Get up and running in 2 minutes!


Intuitive and easy to use

CloudDefense’s proprietary technology is easy to use.


By developers, for developers

You don’t need to be a security expert to run.


Trusted by security teams

Your applications can be secure by running a simple command.

Seamless integration with CI/CD tools

Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through the Build process by adding an automated CloudDefense test to your CI/CD.

You’ll get notified if your project’s dependencies are affected by newly disclosed vulnerabilities.

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