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Security Neglect Curbs Startup Growth

77% of the time, enterprisal value is curbed by the strength of an AppSec program (Source: ISC²). Your proven track record attracted some external funding based capital. While each round contributed to success and growth, there’s still room. The next big step from bootstrapping and seed funds, is Series A then B.

At this level, investors valuing your company will carefully scan for any liabilities hidden amid security software stacks - exposed via a complex and fragmented cloud. Opportunistic actors strongly exploit such easy targets who cannot see clearly.

Your task isn’t impossible eliminations of attack surfaces - we all depend on powerful but imperfect networks for our operations. But a battle ready, transparent program will lock in maximal evaluations. Due diligence can heavily bias investors in your favor.

Know Your Risks
ISC² - the world’s largest nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals - surveyed how high-potential companies were damaged as a result of AppSec neglect - half of respondents said:
If audits revealed weak security practices the cybersecurity program was overall devalued.
They witnessed an M&A deal crumble due to an unreported breach during the audit process.
Public shares were negatively hit after a post-acquisition data breach.

Outdated AppSec Risks


That cascade across distributed-IT environments.


Reputation-damage from security neglects/breaches.

Devalued deals

Because scaling up would involve too-high a risk.


Due to unclear controls & murky overviewing.

With CloudDefense...

Single Control Point - One Enterprise Wide Turn of a Key

“It’s not just about whether a company has suffered a breach, but how it was remediated, and the steps taken to improve processes.” (Source: ISC²). We raise large companies into the minority who can remedy issues within a day.

Thanks to properly gathered intelligence, while others manually configure their security policies, we’ll help you to innovate confidently.

Join the Golden Few
Join the Golden Few

Verifiable - Better Scans With Zero Trust

Backdoor access sold on the dark web is a product of immense, fractured networks. We’ll tighten porous systems, to disrupt common intrusions. Auto- monitor via pen testing, remediations and multiple repos - while team reports shrink failure points demonstrably to key stakeholders.

Eased Compliance - Airtight Checklists

Get the insights to drive data based decisions with one easy to digest report. Organizational gaps are priority flagged. Use Airtight Checklists, to demonstrate organizational compliance across regulatory bodies (FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR, 201 CMR 17, and CCPA).

Seals Third-Party Risks

Many attacks are outside-in: the public sector is vulnerable as it relies on third-party endpoints for software, billing, tech support, and reports. CloudDefense SAST constantly checks for security rule violations between source and target branches - and OSS licenses.

Learn About SAST Protection
Learn About SAST Protection

Merge the Security You Need to Thrive Today

We’re committed to helping you manage risk and sustain compliance. CloudDefense’s provisions include best practices, technical support and expert guidance.

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