Preventing CyberSecurity Threats for California State Agencies

Date and Time

Wed, Oct 27, 2021
11:30 am till 1:00 pm PST


Morton's The Steakhouse, 621 Capitol Mall, Sacramento

During this event you
will learn to:

Deploy cloud security that is data-centric
Upgrade your security stack
Identify ways to quickly secure a 100% remote workforce situation, while preserving a great user experience
Expand beyond CASB and SWG alone to protect data, applications, and users everywhere
Find out the security health of all the applications within your department/agency from one robust dashboard.
Reduce complexity, better adherence to compliance, more developer time saved, and remediation built-in.
Develop fast and secure your cloud-native app stack in a single platform.

Meet the Speakers

Seasoned Cybersecurity and DevSecOps experts

Anshu Bansal

CEO Clouddefense.AI

Scott Bigham

Veteran IT Security professional

Janine Bodwin

President & CEO at Blue Karma Security

Matt Clark

Seasoned IT professional

Neil Daswani

Notable Security Speaker

Harry O'Laughlin

Enterprise Security Architect at Judicial Council of California

Rami J Zreikat

Chief Security Architect, xTerraLink