Why CloudDefense?

Turn-key solution for DevSecOps

Shifting left has enabled companies to realize immense savings but it takes a lot of time to enable.

With CloudDefense, shifting left has never been easier as you don’t need to be an expert or spend hundreds of hours setting up systems to cover all of the various languages and build systems your company uses.

Comprehensive coverage

There are many intricate layers of an application that make up the potential attack surface and they all need to be protected in order to have peace of mind.

Instead of using many tools to achieve this, our customers are able to use one or two to achieve comprehensive coverage of their attack surface.

Vulnerability Management

Instead of spending hundreds of hours manually combining reports when you’re asked “So how is the security health of the company?”, we give you the answer at the click of a button.

An eagle eye’s view of the security posture of your entire organization. Or just for each application - you choose.

One platform to solve many needs

Best-in-class vulnerability database

Our proprietary dataset is powered by vFeed, Inc and several other databases, including NVD (national vulnerability database). It up-
dates twice a day to ensure you always have the most recent updates and peace of mind.

Security at the speed of DevOps

Automate as much or as little of your security process across your CI/CD pipeline as you like, thanks to our vast integration market-
place that is continually being added to.

Establish a quality gate

In an effort to ensure that products are released on time, sometimes vulnerabilities get slipped into production and this could cost your team a lot in terms of time, money, and reputation. We eliminate that issue with build policies that act as a quality gate.

Reduce compliance risk

Control the open source licenses and third party software components used in your build pipeline to achieve better compliance and reduced risk.

Increase coverage, reduce costs
We’re able to reduce security spend by 40-60% while increasing the attack surface coverage from an average of 30-40% to 80-90%.

This is possible through eliminating shelfware, integrating well with other security tools, and reducing the hundreds of manual hours spent on maintaining, managing, training on, and combining reports from multiple hands-on tools.

Get up and running in 2 minutes!


Intuitive and easy to use

Built by developers, for developers. CloudDefense fits into a developer’s workflow to make life easier for all parties.


By developers, for developers

Developers are not usually security experts. With this in mind, we’ve made remediating vulnerabilities as easy as possible (with auto-remediation functionality where possible).


Security- and Privacy- Centric

We have designed CloudDefense to keep your code private and secure. No one (even us) gets access to the code being scanned.