CloudDefense.AI helped to secure a database that contained entries of over 153,000 users

Barbara Ericson
13 Feb
2 min read

CloudDefense.AI recently got featured on Techcrunch for its role in securing the exposed database of Indian social media startup Slick. The database contained entries of over 153,000 users and had been left vulnerable due to a misconfiguration, which could have led to significant harm. 

Anurag Sen, our security researcher, discovered the exposed database and sought the assistance of TechCrunch in informing the social media startup, Slick. After TechCrunch contacted Slick on Friday, the database was promptly secured by the company.

For months, an internal database of the emerging Indian social media app Slick containing sensitive information, including that of school-aged children, was publicly accessible on the internet due to a lack of proper security measures.

However, thanks to the quick action taken by Techcrunch and Slick, the issue was resolved before any damage could be done. CloudDefense.AI helped a lot of companies to address their security breach over the last few months. 

CloudDefense.AI is a cutting-edge security solution designed to help businesses secure their databases from potential threats. It provides a range of security features that help businesses protect their sensitive information, including database encryption, access control, and real-time monitoring.

In the case of Slick, CloudDefense.AI played a critical role in securing its exposed database. The solution helped to quickly identify the misconfiguration that led to the exposure of the database and promptly resolved it. CloudDefense.AI also ensured that the database was fully secured and protected from any future security threats.

In conclusion, businesses need to be proactive in protecting their databases from potential security threats. With solutions like CloudDefense.AI, startups like Slick can be confident that their sensitive information is secure, even in the face of misconfigurations or other security incidents. It is essential for businesses to invest in robust security measures to prevent data breaches and protect their users' information. By doing so, they can maintain their customers' trust and ensure their business stays on the path to success.

Barbara Ericson
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