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Attack Path Analysis

Threat Route Graph

Analyze threats to your system using comprehensive attack path graphs, giving you a better understanding of weak points in your infrastructure.

Check Individual Resources

Dive deeper into your cloud resources with precision. Assess individual resources, ensuring a granular examination for vulnerabilities.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities across each resource on your cloud landscape. Our tool conducts comprehensive scans, spotting potential risks based on their urgency of remediation. 

Take Immediate Action

From creating an instant ticket to automatically remediating an issue,    respond rapidly to threats in real-time. 

Stay Ahead of Hackers

Meticulously track the route a hacker will take to access your resources. Route maps that will help you to plan your security strategy. 



Resource Identity

Efficiently manage cloud resource identities. Each resource connected to your infrastructure is uniquely identified and properly categorized.

User Access Analysis

Gain insights into user access patterns, allowing you to understand who accesses what, when, and how.

Identify Risks

The tool scans each identity, pinpointing potential vulnerabilities and access anomalies.

Remediate Risks

Take immediate action to address identified risks. Implement measures recommended by our tool to enhance your access policies. 

Individual User Access Map

Understand a user’s access patterns using detailed access maps. Know what actions they can perform on each identity. Actions that withhold risks to your infrastructure are highlighted for you to curb a user’s access to restricted resources. 


Identify Internal Workloads

Identify all internal and on-premise workloads on your cloud infrastructure. 

Workload Vulnerability Scanning

Scan each workload to identify vulnerable packages contained inside it. At the same time, identify all malicious files that can put your system at risk. 

Identify Known Vulnerabilities

Each package is scanned against a database of known CVEs, allowing you to identify the CVE code for each vulnerability that the workload contains. 

Assess Severity of Risks

Vulnerabilities are marked based on the risk they pose to the system. Severities range from Low to Critical. 

Comprehensive Insight on Threats

Receive comprehensive insights and analytics after finishing each scan on your system. This provides you with an holistic view of the threats that lie inside your workloads. 

Compliance Management

Compliance Dashboard

One unified dashboard to access all compliance frameworks.

Compliance Resource Scan

Scan your resources to get detailed analytics on compliant and non-compliant resources against 20+ compliance frameworks. 

Identifying Non-Compliant Resources

Discover resources that are not compliant. This helps streamlining your path to attaining compliance with your preferred framework. 

Remediate Compliance Issues

Remediate non-compliant resources based on their urgency. 

A Smarter Approach to Compliance Management

It can not only identify compliant and non-compliant resources but also lets you create your own custom policies to ensure resources are handled according to industry standards. 

Threat Detection

Detect Unusual Behavior

Get elevated threat detection to uncover anomalies in real-time, swiftly identifying deviations from normal user behavior patterns. 

Comprehensive Threat History

Gain insights into past incidents to understand attack patterns and empower your security teams with the knowledge needed to strengthen your defenses against evolving threats.

Threat Forensic

Conduct in-depth investigations into detected threats, analyzing the event histories of compromised users. 

Track the Damage

Track the damage a security incident can do to you. Quantify the impact, identify compromised assets, and streamline the remediation process. 

Comprehensive Threat Detection Ruleset

Stay ahead of emerging threats with a robust set of rules that cover a wide range of security scenarios.  Keep enhancing your threat detection strategy, ensuring proactive defense.

Hacker's ViewTM

A Hacker's Viewpoint of your Resources

Have a look at your resources from the eyes of an hacker. Receive comprehensive analysis of the threats to your resources. 

Compliance Compatibility

Enable compliance frameworks to scan your resources according to the relevant standards. 

Analysis of Underlying Threats

Discover threats to your system that are hidden inside the many layers of your infrastructure. 

Identify Vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities in your system based on the OWASP top ten category. 

Supports Multiple Cloud Services

Receive support for three major cloud services, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP. 


Identify Vulnerabilities Internally

Detect vulnerabilities early in the development process and promptly address issues without disrupting the build.

Detect Problematic Code

Run scans to detect code that can be a security hazard. Vulnerable code is highlighted and prioritized for you to take swift action. 

Comprehensive Code Analysis

Receive in-depth guidance on remediation as your code is analyzed against a CWE database. 

Severity of the Risks

Each risk is marked with a severity score to help you strategize your security response. 

Interactive Graphical Report

Receive a graphical report of each SAST scan to help you get an overview of the vulnerabilities that your applications contain.


Identify Vulnerabilities Externally

Detect vulnerabilities that lie in the front of your web-applications. 

Attack to Defend

Carry out DAST scans to attack your web-applications like a hacker and identify vulnerable entry points. 

Identify Vulnerabilities Immediately

Receive a report of all the vulnerabilities your applications contain at external points without providing access to the source code.  

Severity of the Risks

Each risk is marked with a severity score to help you strategize your security response. 

Online DAST Scans

Scan your websites using our comprehensive online DAST scans. Simply paste the link on our portal and click on Run Scan to receive a detailed report of all the vulnerabilities on your site. 


Cleanse Your System from the Core

Examine package managers, source code, manifest files, container images, binary files, and other components for a comprehensive analysis.

Bill of Materials

Identified open source resources are compiled into a BOM for you to keep record.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection

Your BOM is compared with a number of vulnerability databases, allowing you to identify anything that is out of place. 

Severity of the Risks

Each risk is marked with a severity score to help you strategize your security response. 

Interactive Graphical Report

Each SCA scan is presented with an interactive graphical report that highlights all the vulnerabilities that are present in the third-party resources that you use. 

API Security

Powerful API Scan

Deploy API scans on the fully packaged image of your run-time applications to find vulnerabilities. 

OWASP Top 10 Security Threats

API scans that cover all the OWASP top 10 security threats. 

Multi-language Compatibility

Whether your application operates on Python, Java, or JS, the API scanning functionality will automatically search for potential issues.

Severity of the Risks

Each risk is marked with a severity score to help you strategize your security response. 

Interactive Graphical Report

Each API scan presents you with an interactive graphical report that you can use to identify vulnerable API codes. 

Container Security

Continuous Container Image Scans

Carry out continuous scans of your container images to identify any underlying vulnerabilities. 

Complete Container Solution

Not only vulnerabilities, but you can also detect misconfigurations and unknown components in your containers. 

Comprehensive Vulnerability Database

All the vulnerabilities detected in your containers are matched against a database of known vulnerabilities to help you with the remediation process. 

Easily Track Vulnerabilities

Track all the vulnerabilities in your containers at ease. 

Remediate Container Vulnerabilities

Get instant guidance on how to remediate the container vulnerabilities detected after a container scan. Easily copy the code that is automatically generated by our tool to resolve the weak point in your containers.